What Might Have Really Happened

  1. NFL safety commissioner set off an EMP bomb to disrupt Raven cybernetic implants which were proving to be too much for the 49’s.
  2. City of New Orleans waste collection did not want anyone to see where the halftime sewage was going.
  3. President Obama thought America needed time to recover emotionally from Clydesdale commercial and sent in stealth planes to surgically strike the power lines.
  4. Hackers working for Las Vegas Bookmakers panicked, implemented plan B to use hackers to disrupt the power grid in an effort have time to drug Raven players.
  5. Donald Trump’s hairpiece fell off and he did not want anyone to see him.
  6. Beyonce’s presence over electrified the stadium
  7. The Goat was really ticked that the stadium ran out of Doritos and chewed through the power cables.
  8. Mercedes-Benz wanted their cars to be associated with a lack of power.
  9. It was all just a prop for the new Start Trek Movie.
  10. Terrorist discovered disrupting power really doesn’t make people disappear.

Hopefully, Entergy Corporation, the utility that provided power to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome will discover the real reason soon. Lets us hope it was not something that could have been avoided through equipment inspections.