The last few years have been rough on the Hotel and Resort Industries. Reasons range from a terrible economy to relentless extreme weather conditions. Regardless of the reason, hotels that employed good preventive maintenance practices found that profits were not squeezed as tight because assets were lasting longer and more energy efficient.

For hotels and resorts good preventive maintenance programs that include inspections can identify problems before they result in emergency repair issues, guest dissatisfaction or a potential liability claim of negligence.

Changing the Importance of Hotel Maintenance

Despite logic that should have all hotels performing proactive maintenance on hotel assets, many hotels continue to put their money in either cosmetic changes or guest service improvements such as Wi-Fi, flat panel TV or business services.

It is not too late to adjust how maintenance should be handled. In fact, NOW is the time to implement a Hotel CMMS preventive maintenance action plan. To help, the top 5 reasons to reinvent your hotel maintenance focus are listed below:

Top 5 Reasons for Hotel Preventive Maintenance

  1. Deferred Maintenance Bites Back
  2. More Likely to Be Able to Sell Hotel Property
  3. Better Ability to Charge Premium Rates
  4. Extreme Weather Hotel Preventive Maintenance
  5. Spring Break, Summer Vacations

Deferred Maintenance Bites Back

2011 is looking like it will be a make or break year for many hotels sitting on the edge of the financial cliff. Even if the economy picks up as expected, hotels that have deferred maintenance may find that their assets have reached the point of failure sooner than anticipated.

If replacing these assets requires capital expenditures, hotels may find themselves left out of the shrinking capital supply market. The reason is hotel management has not demonstrated that they have the ability to take care of expensive assets. This is something almost every parent teaches their children about expensive toys (at least I was).

More Likely to Be Able to Sell Hotel Property

Cosmetic changes don’t fool anyone. New investors/owners are doing better due diligence before purchasing property. A property owner that cannot produce a CMMS maintenance record is going to be carrying some surprise capital issues. You can liken this to the commercial where potential car owners insist on the car fax before they purchase a vehicle.

Better Ability to Charge Premium Rates

The Internet is a wonderful thing for travel shoppers. Almost any hotel can be Googled giving potential guest the ability to read online reviews of a hotel, look at real time photos and then compare this to your competition.

Better maintained hotels can charge higher rates when the market will bear it. Cash is King, which leads to more monies available for cosmetic or other improvements.

Extreme Weather Preparation

The Nation has been plagued with some harsh weather the past two years. For northern hotels, ice and snow build up can causing roof damage, ice dams, frozen pipes and making rooftop HVAC maintenance unusually dangerous.

For coastal areas, Colorado State University is projecting a 40% increase in tropical storm and hurricane activity for 2011. This is not good news for areas like the Gulf Coast already reeling from last year’s hotel oil spill disaster.

Hotels using a CMMS are much better organized and are able to ensure their assets are properly inspected and ready for impending storms much faster than a hotel using a manual system. In addition, a Hotel CMMS inspection checklists will help these same hotels quickly identify storm damage.

Spring Break, Summer Vacations

The fifth and final reason for implementing a quality preventive maintenance program now is that we are only a month away from Spring Break and 2-3 months away from the summer.

The importance of spring break should not be underestimated by hoteliers, resorts or lodging owners. The students, press and academic professionals that take part make greater use of handheld devices, social media and online forums to post their experiences as soon as they happen.

An early bad review may have a significant impact on summer revenues. Implementing a CMMS now will help make sure your hotel assets are not a liability claim waiting to happen as well make sure you know the condition of all hotel assets before and after Spring Break.

Changing the Hotel Profit Potential for 2011 with a CMMS
CMMS Makes Hotel Maintenance Easier

Hotels that are only revenue driven have an almost zero percent chance of improving their profit for this year or next few years. Changing the hotel’s bottom line is going to be accomplished by understanding the impact of better asset and maintenance management.

Hotels that are only revenue driven have an almost zero percent chance of improving their profit for this year or next few years. Changing the Hotel’s bottom line is going to be accomplished by understanding the impact of better

Maintenance ensures the changes a hotel has made (cosmetic, guest services, spas etc.) are kept working and last longer. Preventive maintenance makes sure assets last longer, break down less often as well as more energy efficient.

When preventive maintenance and general maintenance tasks are controlled through the use of a CMMS, hotels find that they are able to accomplish more with the same amount of resources as a result of the elimination of paperwork and far more control of work order management.

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