Many of us start out with personal resolutions for the New Year like getting in shape, stopping a bad habit or finishing a household project. However, given that 2010 was such a poor year for many organizations maybe facilities or plants, should resolve to use their CMMS software in a more effective manner so that operational cost can be minimized in 2011.

Achieving CMMS Change Requires Leadership

Personal or business resolutions are only as good as the drive and support to accomplish them. For corporate New Year’s resolutions to have a chance at success the key is getting the buy-in (support) from senior management as well as from the maintenance management staff that use the CMMS featureson a daily basis.

Incentives (the drive) for better CMMS utilization may range from a bonus based on expense savings to keeping their jobs by keeping the company in operation. The key to both is making sure the leadership is in place that can facilitate the change.

Now that you want to make your CMMS better for the New Year, what goals can you set? The following is a list of the top 10 resolutions to improve your facilities results using a CMMS solution:

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for your CMMS

  1. Automate any paper producing processes still remaining. Filling out paperwork is a waste of time when CMMS software can automate manual paper processes.
  2. Increase mobility of maintenance staff by using handheld mobile devices. Quality CMMS software has the ability to integrate performing inspections or recording the work order lifecycle using handheld devices. This eliminates paper, gets results back to management faster and is a great tool for attracting new employees.
  3. Protect the knowledge base. The average age of maintenance staff is over 50 years old as industry has had difficulty attracting new, younger workers. The use of technology (handheld devices, predictive technologies) as well as the recording of all maintenance activity using the CMMS can mitigate the loss of experience when maintenance staff retires as they are more appealing than a clipboard and a tool belt.
  4. Spend more time on CMMS training. More training = better adoption rates = greater use of features = greater efficiencies = greater savings.
  5. Establish standard operating procedures to increase energy efficiencies as well as sustainability.
  6. Protect your CMMS by moving it off local servers and into a SaaS environment. Hosted CMMS software has a lower TCO plus provides 24/7/365 reliability. It also reduces in-house IT costs for both hardware purchases and expense (labor) allocations.
  7. Increase use of predictive technologies for high value assets. Great maintenance is a combination of simple preventive maintenance techniques and technology that helps increase the reliability of assets.
  8. Use your facilities CMMS software to track the maintenance schedule and results of predictive technologies. Your CMMSshould track all maintenance activity including those from infrared thermography, vibration analysis, laser alignment and so on.
  9. Ensure work orders are being completed in detail so that the needed historical information is available for analysis and capital budget forecasting. The CMMS historical database is only as good as the input it receives.
  10. Establish and review benchmarks for success throughout the year. Make maintenance planning a high priority to increase its contribution to the company’s bottom line as well as increase asset management and maintenance visibility.

We sincerely hope that 2010 finished on a positive note for you. We also hope that 2011 brings your facility, plant, utility, school or municipal government the CMMS tools you will need to increase the pride in your maintenance operations.

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