Microsoft announced yesterday that they will be delivering commercial cloud services from Canada and opening two new data centers: one in Quebec and the other in Toronto. This expansion will further strengthen Microsoft’s footprint in Canada’s competitive cloud landscape.

Kevin Turner, chief operating officer mentioned, the new data centres will upgrade the company’s cloud computing business, which is growing by triple digits every quarter, and we don’t expect that pace to slow down. Having more data centers house business in Canada will help local businesses because it addresses data residency considerations. This will also increase job creation for the cloud computing industry in Toronto.

Kevin Turner also discussed the benefits for Canada in expanding their cloud services.

This substantial investment in a Canadian cloud demonstrates how committed we are to bringing even more opportunity to Canadian businesses and government organizations, helping them fully realize the cost savings and flexibility of the cloud – CBC News

According to the IDC, total public cloud spend in Canada is said to grow by $2.5 billion by next year.

Data Centers and Functionality

The functionality of a data center is crucial to the lifespan of the computer systems and associated components that are housed in each facility. A properly functional system would be best accompanied by a CMMS. At the core of any CMMS is its ability to automate the scheduling process for work orders, preventive maintenance, and inspections. Automating these processes allows the maintenance staff additional time to perform proactive maintenance.

CMMS programs also give Data Center Management the ability to:

  1. Lower labor and repair costs
  2. Lower energy costs by optimizing assets for energy efficiency
  3. Assets requiring predictive maintenance can be scheduled
  4. Reduce unexpected downtime by keeping assets in better operating condition
  5. Ensure facility maintenance teams are proactive

CMMS programs also track all work management history for future hires and to reference back to the condition of a previous asset to increase reliability and accuracy in the future.

Reliability of Data Centers

The use of a CMMS is only as good as the reliability of the data center.

Modern web network and internet telecommunication technology, big data storage and cloud computing computer service business concept: server room interior in datacenter in blue light

Below demonstrates the qualities a data center needs to have to be dependable:

  1. 24/7 access
  2. Top level security for hardware and access to premises
  3. Uninterrupted power
  4. Reliable HVAC system
  5. Fire suppression systems and other safety equipment

Functionality and reliability go hand in hand just like a proper data center and a CMMS work together to produce results for workers to assess their company’s state of operation.

In conclusion, a CMMS system provides Data Center management with the tools they need to control labor costs, reduce downtime and keep energy costs to a minimum. Don’t you want your company to save money in the short and long term and increase your asset management?