This article will talk about how line maintenance for Telephone and Cable companies can be improved with CMMS Software.

A CMMS can Improve Telephone and Cable Maintenance Management

One of the most common sights in America is the lining of streets and roadways with telephone poles. The poles carry signals for both telephone lines and cable products all over the nations. When above ground lines are not able to be used, both cable and telephone companies use underground lines.

In most situations the poles have been erected by the telephone companies who are responsible for their upkeep. However, the cable MSOs are responsible for the integrity of their cable lines. The challenge is being able to perform work management including inspections for metro, remote or underground locations efficiently and effectively.

Why Work Management and Inspections are Important

Modern monitoring technology that can identify where a break in cabled wire has occurred. However, it cannot tell maintenance managers the condition of the pole, degree of wear or identify that the cable may break soon because for example; tree branches are on the line. There are many reasons cabled wire may break some of these are:

  • Digging
  • Ice
  • Falling debris
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Animals (squirrels, birds etc.)

Whether the damage is immediate or slow to develop, the sheer volume of cable as well as its diverse locations makes it critical that

maintenance management be able perform regular inspections that may identify potential problems before they become midnight hour emergencies. Potential problems can them be turned into preventive maintenance work orders.

CMMS software enhances the ability of maintenance management to react because it will:

  • Sharply reduce paperwork by automating much of the work management process virtually eliminating paper flow.
  • Keep maintenance teams out in the field longer through the use mobile handheld devices that are used for inspections, rounds, work orders. Results are uploaded back to the main server for management review and prioritization.
  • The combination of mobility and automation enables more work to be done with the same amount of resources.
  • Moves maintenance operations to a proactive role by reducing the amount of unplanned and emergency repair.
  • Gives maintenance management greater flexibility when handling uncontrollable emergency repairs.

CMMS Software Keeps Maintenance Managers Informed

Age is not the only factor that determines when stretches of cable needs to be replaced. Geography, weather extremes and prior maintenance history also plays a role. A CMMS solution for telephone and cable operators creates a database that contains

asset detail such as location, description, date of install and most importantly, a history of all maintenance activity. The maintenance history enables asset managers to always know the location and condition of all assets regardless of location.