This article will explain why Transcendent makes a good Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and CMMS for “Sports Arenas.”

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CMMS and Sports Arena Operations

Sports arenas such as a professional football stadium, hockey complex or multi-use facility like Madison Square Gardens are actually complex operations requiring constant asset maintenance management. There are two main reasons why a sports arenas need Transcendent. The first is too efficiently maintain the premises and equipment in a cost effective fashion and the second is to maintain a safe environment for the consumer. A Computerized Management Maintenance Software (CMMS) solution specifically tailored for Sports arenas is crucial for both of these reasons. To remain competitive all sports venues need to operate more efficiently and a sports arena CMMS with its maintenance management tracking and scheduling keep you up with the competition.

A large sports arena contains thousands of pieces of equipment that wear out or will fail. These include stadium seating, restroom equipment, cooling or heating equipment, doors, escalators, vendor areas, railings, safety features etc. Transcendent (a new generation of CMMS) will enable the management of the assets of the facility, schedule preventative maintenance, enhance inspection scheduling, reduce reactive repairs, and organize work orders. Integrating hand held technology, sports arena staff can simply scan the equipment to find its maintenance history, last repair detail or input new discoveries of equipment needing replacement. Asset maintenance has never been easier

Because they are public facilities, sports arenas must maintain their assets (doors, seats, restrooms, sports equipment etc.) to be in working order for sports fans and other consumers. Failure to maintain the premises, equipment and public areas could easily result in legal liability should a consumer have an accident. Using a sports arena CMMS, sports arena management will have the necessary documentation to help minimize injury negligence claims. The more sophisticated the CMMS, the more features it will include such as preventive maintenance and inspection management.