SaaS For Property Management

Apr 8, 2011

Stuart Smith

Stuart Smith


This article will explain why Mintek’s Transcendent makes a good Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for Property Managers.

Can you make Property Management Easier with SaaS based preventive Maintenance?

Tough economic times means fewer guests and lower revenues at hotels. To make up for revenue shortfalls property managers look to reduce costs. As a result, One of the keys to successful hotel property management is the ability to minimize capital expenditures.

“We’re really trying to balance right now to contain costs to maximize profitability but doing it such that it does not compromise the long term value of the hotel. Its a tightrope.”Source: Chad Crandell, President Capital Hotel Management LLC

What is the best way to capital expenditures? The answer is extending the lifecycle of the properties assets by performing preventive maintenance using a SaaS based solution.

How does a SaaS preventive maintenance solution like Transcendent make property management easier?

  • Enables asset tracking and management
  • Schedules work requests, reducing paper flow increasing efficiencies
  • Tracks maintenance history to identify repair patterns, causes and solutions
  • Schedules inspections of critical and expensive assets for early detection of repairable maintenance before the assets requires replacement
  • Schedules preventive maintenance o reduce reactive work request
  • Integrates handheld mobile technology for 24/7/365 web access enabling multiple location information to be synchronized.
  • Provides a capital planning budget module that can be used to project asset replacement time frames

Staying Competitive with an EAM

Maintaining profitability allows you to stay competitive with other hotels. When revenues are low, costs must be controlled. A SaaS preventive maintenance solution will save you money now and lower your capital expenditures by extending the lifecycle of an asset. In addition, preventive maintenance keeps your profitability higher during busy times by reducing the amount of time property managers spend on unscheduled maintenance issues.

Stuart Smith

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