Replacing Hand Holding with Handhelds For Your EAM

Feb 4, 2010

Stuart Smith

Stuart Smith


Facility managers barely have the time to breathe during the day with some days seeming like one giant interruption. When no time is available then you have to create more time. One of the first things a facility manager should do is figure out what they are spending their time on. If you determine that more than 25 percent of your time is spent on getting your staff organized for the day, continually following up to make sure work requests are done, handling work orders or manually keying in information into you CMMS then you are spending too much time hand holding your employees.

The great part about handheld technology is that devices are very user friendly, easy to learn and highly portable. Integrating handheld devices with your EAM or CMMS empowers facility managers to take back control of their time by:

Integrating Mobility With EAM CMMS

  1. Organizing the daily routine using the dashboard to.
    • Set a work schedule for making rounds. This will tell your staff exactly where they are to go and what to do when they get there.
    • Set up inspections, a key to exceptional preventive maintenance programs. Inspection routines should include a set of questions for facility staff to answer for each asset. Response to questions are as simple as pushing a button.
    • Schedule everything in efficient walking order so that time is not wasted going to remote locations and then coming back over and over.
  2. Standardizing the workflow processes by providing uniform tools for
    • Recording unscheduled maintenance activity on the spot, using the handheld device as a logbook
    • Writing work order tickets as a result of inspections
    • Having repair and maintenance history online at the touch of a button
  3. Automating manual tasks by using a menu driven system for
    • Report generation of activity, results and planned events
    • Identifying who is on schedule and who may need assistance or additional training

Just as important as taking back control of the your time, handheld devices establish accountability, measure results, reduce paper flow, increase adoption rates of your CMMS/EAM and create a set of transferable skills. Isn’t it time you stopped hand holding your employees and make them more efficient and accountable?

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Stuart Smith

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