Property Management Inspections with Handheld Devices

Apr 8, 2011

Stuart Smith

Stuart Smith


This article will explain why Mintek’s Transcendent makes a good Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for Property Management Inspections.

Using Mobile Handheld Devices With An EAM to do Property Management Inspections

Imagine you need to inventory the assets of a large apartment complex. The purpose of the inventory is to evaluate existing conditions and determine the cost of repairs or improvements needed to maintain current market value. During the inventory your staff uncovers that some of your tenants who have good payment histories were not maintaining the apartments. The discovery of huge carpet stains, holes in walls, damaged appliances, improperly stored hazardous materials and bulging tiles leaves you with the possibility that renovating or repair is going to cost more than the security deposit.

“A rental/property management inspection is designed to protect you from serious liability that can result from renting or leasing a potentially hazardous property. Additionally, a rental/property management inspection also helps you to protect your assets by identifying damage that may have potentially been caused by occupants.”

Source:Rental/Property Management Inspections

The inspection process is visual and then writing down a description of its condition. At the end of the day, your staff returns with the recorded results to await transcription for reporting.

How much time and paper are you wasting?

Taking a look at the inspection process itself, you print off your unit/apartment checklist, grab a few pens and tell the staff to examine both exterior and interior of apartments. Items to be inspected include but are not limited to: carpeting, kitchen cabinets, appliances, flooring, bathroom tiling sinks, tubs, air filters, doors and windows. At the end of the day they return with countless forms ready for data entry. This is wasteful, inefficient and leads to data entry or transcription errors.

Using Handheld Technology

By using an EAM with handheld mobile devices, Property inspections can now be completed quickly without paper and without the risk of costly data-entry or transcription errors. Transcendent handheld devices allow for menu driven answers to inspection questions. The data is automatically updated into the EAM for report generation. In addition use of the handheld devices will greatly increase the speed at which inspections can be performed thus lowering the labor cost.

Stuart Smith

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