This article will explain why Mintek’s Transcendent makes a good Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for Prisons.

Prison Facilities Management

Governments have been trying to improve their prison facility management for decades. The outsourcing of facilities management (FM) has not had the results officials were looking for. According to a report issued by The Office of The Auditor General in 2001 an examination revealed:

Source: Facilities Management of Government Buildings and Property

The report goes on to say that agencies are generally not scrutinizing their FM costs adequately. Lastly the report mention more agencies going back to in-house facilities management. Having a Computer Maintenance Management Software solution can address all these problems.

Using a CMMS prisons can plan, schedule and monitor work and maintenance order more efficiently and cost effectively. In addition, a CMMS can play a major role in addressing several of the Hot Issuesidentified by .

Some of the hot issues include:

  • Emergency preparedness – CMMS can ensure that emergency equipment is in good working order and has been maintained properly. This includes emergency power generators, fire extinguishers, vehicles
  • Energy Efficiency – lack of maintenance on equipment that consumes power naturally results in more inefficient power consumption. Exhaust fans, stoves, cooling units and HVAC all need proper maintenance to extend their life-cycles and operate efficiently.
  • Safety and Health – OSHA has volumes of safety requirements regarding the maintenance and care of facilities for the safety of workers. A CMMS will ensure proper safety maintenance is being performed, inspections are carried out and also lower liability in case of accident by showing a pattern of systemized care.