This article will explain why Mintek’s Transcendent makes a good Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for large industrial metal roofs.

Preventive Maintenance on Metal Roofs

Metal roofs can be found on sports stadiums, outdoor amphitheaters, agricultural, industrial and commercial properties. Some of the advantages of metal roofs are their low initial costs, strength, fire resistance and durability. Your metal roof should last as long as the building right? Lack of preventive maintenance can cause some very expensive repairs. Most maintenance is weather related and extreme weather conditions hastens the need for preventive maintenance.

Periodic inspection and maintenance of your roofing system is the key to maximizing its service life and preventing early failure. Depending on your location, inspections should be conducted between two and four times per year and after any major storm. Source:Metal-roof maintenance, repair and restoration by Greg Thirnbeck

Metal is highly susceptible to temperature changes. Heat cause the metals expansion and cold results in the metal contacting. Repeated variations on the temperature acts is the equivalent of a constant small vibration. In turn vibrations can loosen or break the weather seals on metal roofs.

Other Effects of Temperature Changes on Metal Roofs

Temperature variations have other effects as well. These include:

  • Condensation buildup
  • Corrosion or rusting
  • Sealant cracking

Once water has found a way in repair is no longer only on the roof. There is a good chance interior staining, wall rotting, and other asset damage. Water is not the only element that can cause damage. Wind and debris build-up may cause extensive damage. Wind damage especially in an area of high gusty winds or storms can loosen paneling or pummel the metal with sharp objects. Debris build-up can cause discoloration and cause the metal to react (breakdown) unexpectedly.

Benefits of Metal Roof Preventive Maintenance with Transcendent

How you do your preventive maintenance may determine its effectiveness. Using Transcendent you will be able to:

  • Schedule preventive maintenance
  • Input results on a handheld device (eliminate paper)
  • Set up inspections schedules
  • Reduce reactive or unscheduled maintenance and replace it with managed fire-fighting
  • Reduce your labor cost through greater efficiencies
  • Plan the asset life and capital major repair or replacement costs