As we approach the holiday season (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas), it occurred to me that the hotel maintenance staff is tasked with making sure the facilities we celebrate in may not get to enjoy the festivities. After all, cleaning candy from upholstery and floors or handling work requests as a result of drunken activities at a Christmas party can be a real pain.

So what can hotels do to make sure this critical part of their operations can smile? The answer is let them make things a little bit more fun at work. Some ideas include:

Not So Good and Good Idea for Making Hotel Maintenance More Fun

The Not so Good Ideas but Fun to Think About

  • Lock all the bathrooms around a Christmas party except for the one farthest from the party. Maintenance will roll on the floor laughing as drunken guest navigate the hallways and floors looking for relief.
  • Let maintenance staff post a sign that guests have first dibs on any candy found on the floor or furniture. This will also cut down on cleaning costs.
  • Let maintenance staff members stay at the hotel for free over Thanksgiving if their In-laws are coming to their home.
  • Encourage the wearing of Halloween costumes like the grim reaper or something from the Zombie Apocalypse around Halloween. Allow them to visit the hotel’s most annoying guest.
  • Allow water fights in the engineering sections and offer a special prize for best electrical arc produced.

Ok, well maybe they are not the best ideas to make guests happy but here are some things you can do:

Better Ideas for Making Hotel Maintenance Fun

  • Run a contest rewarding the person who receives the highest number of guest compliments lunch with the boss, theater tickets or time off.
  • Incentivize a goal of more proactive preventive maintenance but also allowing them to tinker with possible solutions. The creative process of tinkering takes away the day-to-day doldrums.
  • Give hotel maintenance staff new toys such as rugged mobile devices as part of an EAM CMMS hotel software solution so they can start the New Year performing work requests, work orders and inspections with a state-of-the-art handheld device.
  • Eliminate time wasting paper flow with work order automation. Not only is paperwork unproductive but it is incredibly boring.
  • Give hotel maintenance managers the reports they need to always know where their assets are and the condition they are in. This will drastically reduce the stress levels caused by sudden emergencies as a result of asset neglect.

Good hotel maintenance teams are made up of a group of people, skilled at what they do yet able to work together as one. The key is recognizing that each team has individuals. Recognizing and promoting individuality is important in the long-term development of professionals.

Remember that making a job fun goes a long way to lowering turnover, increasing job satisfaction and ultimately having these contribute to a hotel’s bottom line. But perhaps the best gift you can give hotel engineering/maintenance staff for the holidays is a sign of appreciation for all their efforts during the year.