This article will explain why Mintek’s Transcendent makes a good Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) choice for Data Centers.

Cleaning and Inspections Saves Reduces Operating Expenses

Most data centers look immaculate as you walk down rows and rows of servers, but even in the most pristine environments dust and dirt can and will collect in places not normally visible. As dust and dirt collect – they attract any moisture in the air which can start corrosion on electrical components.

Left unchecked, corrosion starts to interfere with connectivity, increase energy costs, increasing the potential of short circuits or electrical fires and can cause unscheduled downtime. Regularly scheduled cleaning using a CMMS system will help identify assets that warrant a closer inspection or preventive maintenance.

3 Data Center Assets that should be Cleaned and Inspected

  1. All HVAC equipmentHVAC units should be scheduled for cleaning and inspections at the same time using your CMMS. Their importance is because Data Center computers/servers produce a lot of heat. If the HVAC system fails – the Data Center will be forced to shut down until repairs are made.
    • HVAC coils: Dirty coils inhibit heat exchange. This causes HVAC units to work harder drawing more energy and shortening their useful life.
    • HVAC blowers. Dust and dirt buildup on blowers inhibits air flow and causes blowers to work harder. If not cleaned corrosion will set in causing the parts to be replaced.
    • HVAC filters. The most well-known HVAC maintenance task. Clogged filters will restrict airflow causing HVAC units to use more energy to produce the same results. Filters should be cleaned or replaced monthly.
  2. Carpets/Mats. Data Center mats that are used to prevent dirt, water and oils from being deposited through the facility. Regular scheduled cleaning of mats and carpets prevents them from being saturated and ineffective.
  3. Electrical connections: Electrical connections to power units, UPS, floor sockets and to anything that is plugged in. Dust and dirt settles into every nook and cranny it can find. Floor sockets and UPS units are especially vulnerable. Failure to clean or perform inspections using infrared scans can lead to electrical shorts and fires.

How a CMMS Helps

At the core of any quality CMMS is it’s ability to automate the scheduling process for work orders, preventive maintenance and inspections. Automating these processes gives maintenance staff additional time to perform proactive maintenance such as cleaning.CMMS programs also give Data Center Management the ability to:

  • Lower labor and repair costs as the CMMS tools streamline operations increasing efficiency.
  • Lower energy costs by ensuring that power hungry assets are optimally maintained for energy efficiency.
  • Assets requiring predictive maintenance can be scheduled (vibration analysis, infrared scans, ultrasound analysis and so on) for work.
  • Reduce unexpected downtime by keeping assets in better operating condition.
  • Ensure that their facility maintenance teams are proactive which reduces all costs including capital replacements.

In addition, CMMS programs track all work management history ensuring that Data Center maintenance management always knows the location and condition of each asset. This work history is critical for performing reliability analysis as well as capital budget forecasting.

In summary a CMMS system provides Data Center management with the tools they need to control labor costs, reduce downtime and keep energy costs to a minimum. Would you like to learn more about how a CMMSsolution can help your facility? Contact us today to schedule a demo.