We hope everyone has a great July 4th weekend. Good food, drink, parades , and fireworks are all part of our traditions. Going to the beach, having a BBQ or playing sports contribute to our weekend activities. So too are accidents, so we send you off this weekend with a few preventive maintenance tips for your personal and family safety.

BBQ and Beach Preventive Maintenance

    • Clean coolers before and after use to avoid bacteria caused illnesses. Wash down surfaces with a vinegar and a clean cloth to kill bacteria. Vinegar is an acid and will act a sterilizer. It will also keep away ants and other insects.
    • Clean grill racks with a metal brush and then wipe down the bars with a damp cloth. Make sure to clean grill racks after use to avoid the onset of corrosion. If using a gas grill make sure you follow all lighting instructions to prevent a sudden burst of flame singe your face.
    • If going to the beach, make sure you bring sun block, hats and plenty of fluids including water. Sunburn hurts and no one wants to see a walking lobster. Make sure children have footwear (sandals or flip-flops) to avoid being burned from hot sand, cement and paved roads.

*Note. If going to Gulf Coast beaches be alert to any signs of oil or oil smells. Be wary of unusual coughing or respiratory problems as not all contaminants can be smelled first. With the oil recently making landfall in 4 states, air quality may be compromised.

Fireworks Inspection and Preventive Maintenance

Many parts of the country still allow the setting off of fireworks by individuals and each year emergency rooms are filled when alcohol, a lack of maturity and explosives are mixed. It is really not an honor to be featured on cable TV’s One Thousand Ways to Die. For others, the allure of big fireworks display at a theme park or other public display has a thrill and a degree of safety. Regardless of where you go some safety tips for this year’s festivities are:

  • Cleans roofs of debris so that sparks or an errant explosion do not ignite the surface.
  • Keep a hose attached to outdoor faucets and ready to go. Dry grass can catch fire very quickly.
  • Keep fireworks dry and inspect all fuses before lighting. Explosives with short fuses should not be used. Never pick up a DUD and look inside immediately after trying to ignite.
  • Soak all used fireworks in water before placing in trash containers
  • If attending a public display beware of the concussion effect. This feels like a sudden change in pressure and can cause extreme discomfort and to those sensitive to sound it can be deafening. Ear plugs will help lessen the impact.

Most importantly this July 4th weekend, use common sense. We hope you have a wonderful weekend. If you liked this article you may also want to read: