Workers compensation cost hotels huge amounts of money. In fact, it is one of the biggest expenses in most businesses. Therefore, hotels need to scrutinize this expense efficiently. It is possible to minimize workers compensation without laying off-workers.

Laying-off workers is among the worst experiences any hotel manager faces and wants to avoid. This is because hotel managers know that in the process, they will lose skilled workers, which may cause more damage to their businesses.

To evade this menace, hotel management has been moving towards more sophisticated maintenance management systems. These management systems are computerized and are continuously being used by hotels to minimize their payroll expenses.

Top Tips for Minimizing Hotel Maintenance Workers Compensation

Here are the top ways that hotel management can minimize payroll expenses in a hotel using CMMS:

  • Reduction in Overtime: It has been reported that maintenance systems can cut overtime by a third simply by reducing the need for emergency maintenance and repairs. Hence, hotels should embrace the use of CMMS to reduce overtime.This can be accomplished by making sure that regular preventive maintenance which will keep hotel assets in better working condition. Scheduling maintenance keeps hotel maintenance staff working more efficiently and effectively.Maintenance should be supplemented by inspections which will help identify potential problems and enable them to be addressed before the asset fails. Since assets seem to fail during non-regular working hours, fewer emergency repairs equals less overtime.
  • Timekeeping: As the old adage goes, time is money. The more the time hotel maintenance wastes, the more the money they lose. Maintenance systems assist hotel management cut payroll expenses by ingeniously evading the costly mistakes presented by outdated maintenance systems.Some of these mistakes include negligible marking mistakes with the old pen and paper time keeping system. Additionally, CMMS allows your hotel staff to use their mobile devices to record their work. This increases their productivity and reduces the expenses you would incur in purchasing expensive timekeeping sheets.
  • Employee Scheduling and Appraisal: Effective supervision and employee performance determine the amount of payroll expenses your hotel incurs. A hotel with sloppy and ineffective maintenance management system is likely to incur unnecessary payroll costs compared to one that has an effective system.Therefore, hotels should embrace computerized maintenance management systems to schedule and appraise employees. This way, your hotel will realize increase productivity and reduced expenses through the evaluation of employees’ behavior and performance as well as effective supervision.
  • Work Accountability: A portion of many worker compensation claims is related to employees being injured performing work they are not trained to do. A hotel CMMS solution can help address this by ensuring that work is assigned to qualified staff including making sure they sign off on all work orders.In addition, the ability of a CMMS to track work order history helps identify when an asset is beyond regular maintenance and poses a threat to maintenance staff safety.

Implementing the above strategies will help hotels to greatly minimize payroll expenses without laying-off employees. All employees need to be involved and their input listened to while adopting maintenance systems to reduce the payroll expenses.

Hence, hotels must take advantage of maintenance systems to reduce overtime, manage timekeeping, manage accountability, and schedule as well as appraise employees in order to minimize payroll expenses of their hotels.