Government Park Preventive Maintenance

Apr 11, 2011

Stuart Smith

Stuart Smith

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This article will explain why Mintek’s Transcendent makes a good Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for Government Parks.

Preventive Maintenance Will Lower Operating Costs for Government Parks

Government parks come in all shapes and sizes. The largest of course are national or federal parks. These parks include famous locations such as Yellowstone Park, The Grand Canyon, and the Devils Tower just to name a few. Besides the big names there also many state and municipal parks designating landmarks and historical events or set up for the preservation of public lands.

“The primary duty of the National Park Service is to protect the national parks and national monuments under its jurisdiction and keep them as nearly in their natural state as this can be done in view of the fact that access to them must be provided in order that they may be used and enjoyed.”Source: Stephen Mather – Famous Quotes Concerning The National Parks

Park preservation regardless of federal, state or municipal responsibility enables the public to enjoy the park as it was intended too. To keep up public appearances these parks are require maintenance which if handled through a paper based systems can be extremely inefficient and costly.

Tough Economic Times Are Resulting in Budget Cutbacks

Shrinking tax bases and budgets are placing a lot of strain on the ability of governments to:

  • Maintain park assets in good working order so the public can still enjoy them safely
  • Maintain reporting compliance
  • Replace worn assets
  • Keep current maintenance staff levels

There Is A Solution

Using an EAM such as Transcendent® will help lower labor costs and extend the useful life of assets. This occurs because Transcendent helps organize your assets, streamlines the work order process, reduces unscheduled maintenance.

  • Organize your assets using our Asset Tree. This will help you keep accurate track of all asset information in a central location.
  • Labor costs are lowered by organizing the work order process to reduce reactive maintenance and increase preventive maintenance time. Increasing preventive maintenance allows for greater staffing flexibility to accommodate problems decreasing the need for overtime and sharply reducing labor costs associated with unplanned emergency repairs
  • Preventive maintenance extends asset useful life by identifying problems through regular scheduled maintenance or by inspections before they become major repairs or replacement issues. Extending useful life delays the amount of funding needed for replacement of assets

Stuart Smith

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