It seems like every year the seasons come and go faster and faster and this year is no exception. With summer just behind us, Thanksgiving is just ahead with Christmas not far behind. This is also the time that sports facilities are the busiest as professional and college football, basketball and hockey are all in play.

Sports Facility Maintenance

So despite our weak economy, the world economic crisis and the fact that too many of our troops are still overseas let us take our hats off to the sports facility maintenance teams that help give us brief sunshine on darker days.

It is the maintenance crews working sports facilities that ensure the toilets are working/clean, the eateries have power to make food and those monstrous electronic scoreboards/displays are keeping us entertained.

Fighting Maintenance Fires with a CMMS program

Good times at a sports stadium or arena do not happen by accident. Every sports facility has a team of trained maintenance professionals who follow a sports facility maintenance plan of some sort. Some teams do an outstanding job and we all thank you.

On the other hand, some sports facility maintenance planning is better organized than others but for the most part maintenance crews do a pretty good job. However, getting the job done does not mean it is done well.

Without a good EAM CMMS solution maintenance can quickly become putting out one fire after the next increasing labor costs, replacement/repairs expenses and capital expenditures. Ultimately, the job may get done but operational costs skyrocket and the useful life of the stadium is significantly shortened.

This happens most often when maintenance planning for sports facilities is dependent on spreadsheets and manual processes to attack work management. It is sort of like when a person tries to manage their schedule with post-it notes. Something always gets missed, misplaced or forgotten about until it blows up into a major ordeal or expense.

Improving Sports Facility Maintenance

The first step in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of sport facility maintenance is to have a plan that has specific improvement objectives such as:

7 Maintenance Improvements
  • Reducing the backlog of work orders by 50%.
  • Increasing the percentage of proactive as compared to reactive maintenance to 75%.
  • Inspecting all assets on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • Lowering unplanned and emergency repairs by 20%.
  • Reducing document handling and storage costs for contracts, work request and work orders.
  • Reducing paper flow by 50% through automation of work request and work orders and the use of mobile devices.
  • Collecting all asset detail and work history so that maintenance staff will always know where assets are and the condition they are in.

Achieving your sports facility maintenance goals will be much easier with an EAM CMMS system. EAM CMMS systems are designed to organize asset detail, collect work management history and give sports asset managers tools they need to manage more effectively.

Each of the maintenance improvements suggested above can be achieved using EAM CMMS features for establishing maintenance tracking systems, better document handling, preventive maintenance, inspections, the integration of mobile devices as well as the setting up of proper administrative controls.

Great sports facility management will not only lead to a pleasant fan experience but will also keep operating expenses in check so that ticket prices don’t have to be raised to cover unplanned capital expenditures. This will keep fans coming back and the local community happier that they do not have to fund a new stadium because the old one was poorly managed.

We hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving and can enjoy watching their favorite teams play either at the sports arena or on TV. We will see you after the Holiday.