This article discusses how a CMMS can help facilities recover from extreme weather events.

Facility Management After Tornadoes

Severe weather can tax the ability of any good facility maintenance crew to keep tenants happy as well as safeguard the condition of a facility. In most cases, severe weather does minor damage to a building such as roof leaks, parking area potholes or causing HVAC units to fail as a result of overwork.

In rarer cases severe storms bring tornadoes and high winds that can cause windows to blow out, roofing to be stripped or even a to building collapse. Good management of extreme weather requires facility managers to be able to react quickly to events before, during after their occurrence.

How a CMMS system can Help

In most situations facility management may not receive much notice of impending severe weather (1-2 days) and very little warning of a natural disaster in the making such as a tornado. To be prepared facility management can use a CMMS system to make sure they know the condition of all their assets at all times.

Know the condition of assets enables facility management to know which assets are at greatest risk and to be able to inspect assets immediately after the extreme weather event occurs. This knowledge allows them to quickly make preparations as well as determining the impact of the storm has had.

The increased organization that a CMMS brings to the table enables a faster response may reduce the amount of damage incurred and will allow facility maintenance crews to repair damaged assets so
that normal operations may resume.

CMMS Attributes

CMMS system will help organize the maintenance function for facilities by

  • Automating work functions such as work requests, work orders and rounds. This streamlines work management increasing efficiency.
  • Scheduling work related tasks such as preventive maintenance, inspections and repairs. When tasks are completed the results are stored by the CMMS.
  • Using the work history to form a complete database of all assets so that management can produce reports to know the condition of assets.

Of special note for extreme weather is that a CMMS system can generate an inspection checklist that can be used for emergency planning. The checklist can be sent to mobile devices for quick
inspections before an event and again after the event. This allows facility management to quickly identify storm damage and make the best decisions.