The article will describe how maintenance management as part of a CMMS software solution can help communication facilities have more efficient operations.

CMMS Systems Streamline Communications Facilities Maintenance Management

Communication giants spend a great deal of time making sure field assets are up and running as keeping customers connected is at the heart of telecommunications asset management. Communications maintenance managers can make use of the same CMMS system to ensure that home office and regional facilities are also being maintenance properly.

Keeping all facilities running efficiently and effectively will help lower operating costs especially energy, labor and repairs. Communication facility assets that require good maintenance practices include:

  • HVAC units
  • Cooling towers and chillers
  • Plumbing and piping
  • Elevators
  • Common areas

How a CMMS Enhances Communications Maintenance

Streamlining communication facilities maintenance operations requires organization and planning. A CMMS system assist maintenance management by organizing assets into a central database that includes a description, location, serial number, vendor information, contracts information and the current condition of the asset.

Communication maintenance planners then use CMMS generated reports to review that status of assets and set forth a work management action plan can include:

  • Using the CMMS for regular scheduled preventive maintenance to ensure activities such as changing/cleaning HVAC filers are done to optimize energy costs as well as lengthen the useful lifecycle of units.
  • Scheduled inspections to identify maintenance problems early. This is particularly effective for assets such as roofs to avoid debris buildup, spot leaks enabling minor repairs before major repairs or replacement are needed.
  • Using the automated work request and work order functions of the CMMS to schedule maintenance on identified maintenance issues such as leaks. The amount of water lost in every facility will add to the overall energy costs. More importantly, if left unattended they can cause serious damage to walls, floors, ceilings as well as encourage pest infestation.
  • Inspecting and scheduling maintenance in common areas or parking garages to increase safety and lower liability claims that may result from asset neglect.
  • Use the CMMS document features to keep track of vendor contracts, blueprints and building schematics to ensure quicker maintenance responses.

Implementing a CMMS system in communication facilities will not only help maintenance management but it will also enable asset managers to review the complete work history of assets for better long term maintenance planning and capital expenditure needs.