This article will describe how maintenance management as part of a CMMS software solution can help facilities management have a safer environment.

Reducing Facility Liability With a CMMS

Keeping building facilities clean, operational and safe at a reasonable costs is one of the goals of facilities management. The larger the office complex, the more maintenance problems are generated. As we live in a litigious society, if maintenance problems are not addressed quickly lawsuits may arise if someone is hurt or from inhibited productivity.

The types of maintenance problems that cause the most trouble are often the simple common area repairs that become part of a deferred maintenance plan either due to a lack of maintenance resources or was lost in tons of paperwork.

CMMS to the Rescue

One way to reduce angry tenants and potential lawsuits is to implement a CMMS system. A facilities CMMS solution will give maintenance managers the tools they need to record and track all asset problems as well as their work history.

More importantly through the use of automated work requests, work orders and scheduling of maintenance, maintenance managers will find that they can do more work with the same amount of resources. The maintenance problem tracking and efficiency tools ensures that all maintenance problems are recorded and scheduled for inspection or repair.

How a CMMS Works for Facility Maintenance Managers

CMMS solution works because once implemented, the CMMS records all asset information and detail such as location, description, serial number, date installed/purchased and so on. Once the detail has been input, maintenance managers can schedule preventive maintenance, inspections and repairs on everything from safety devices to the lighting in parking areas.

As new work requests come in they are can be quickly reviewed to determine is a work order needs to be generated. When work orders are completed the results are loaded back into the CMMS so that maintenance managers can verify the work has been performed, by whom and the results.

Recording the results is critical to reducing liability as it may provide proof that assets are not being neglected and that reasonable care has been provided. The tools that a CMMS provides for facility maintenance managers will also help keep assets such as HVAC units, boilers, chillers and elevators in optimal working order. This will help lower facility energy costs as well as make sure that the building working environment is conducive to productivity.