This article will explain why Transcendent makes a good CMMS system for sports arenas.

Why CMMS wins the game for sports arenas

Stadiums and sports arenas have hundreds, if not thousands of valuable assets: seating, concession stands, scoreboards, monitor screens, and other media equipment just being a few. When you start to spend up in the billions like they did on Cowboys Stadium (Cowboys Stadium estimated cost), don’t you want to protect your investment? How do you keep track of all your valuable assets, labor, and materials? How do you know when something needs repair, how much it will cost and what parts need to be available? A great way to be ahead of the game is to utilize a computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) program, such as Transcendent.

As a hosted preventative maintenance system (means your stadium or sports arena does not need to worry about having servers for this program, Mintek hosts it with 24/7/365 availability) you will be able to:

  • Keep customer satisfaction high with regular scheduled maintenance on equipment; no broken seats, scoreboards or monitors.
  • Save money by being able to see the history of repairs on an asset and see if it is cost effective to continue repairing it or to replace it.
  • Improve the lifespan of assets by performing daily, monthly, or quarterly rounds making sure all equipment is working as intended, and if need be, your engineers will be able to place on demand work orders to fix broken equipment quickly.
  • Manage resources more efficiently by being able to create balanced workloads for engineers and being able to view it from anywhere, even out of the office.
  • Decrease liability by having detailed
    inspection records available to nullify claims of negligence should an incident occur in the stadium or sports arena.

Those are just a few ways that great a CMMS and work order management system can help save your stadium or sports arena money. Transcendent is the tool that gives you the ability to streamline maintenance operations and to assure that everything is running smoothly. Task scheduling helps you stay on top of the work flow, work order requests make sure that issues are dealt with quickly, and reports can help you fine tune your processes even more. Should you have any questions about the program or if issues arise, Mintek has a knowledgeable Technical Support department available to you.