A couple of recent events and the upcoming 2010 World Cup have highlighted the need for the Hotel and Lodging industries to take notice of the operating condition of their security systems as well as other safety issues. Most notable is the fact a security camera caught suspected killer Joran Van Der Sloot entering and leaving a hotel room in Peru. With all the soccer hooligans, happy Chicago Blackhawk fans and criminal elements it is a pretty good idea for the Hotel and Lodging industry as well as sports arenas to ensure consumer safety. A quality CMMS system helps by making sure equipment is inspected and/or repaired on a timely basis.

Reducing Liability with CMMS Software

Maybe it is because we live in a litigious society or because economic hardships are preventing proper maintenance but accident victims always seem to find their way into the courts. Facilities with non-working security or safety measures such as cameras, doors and fire equipment run a substantially higher risk of being found negligent in case of an accident or event. Implementing a CMMS for hotels or sports stadiums and arenas can help defend against claims of negligence.

An important feature of modern CMMS solutions is that they will record the complete maintenance history of assets from the planning stage through its replacement. Elements of the maintenance history capture include the who, when, where, how often, what was done and results of the inspection or preventive maintenance action. Being able to show consistent and proper maintenance may crush many negligence claims.

CMMS Programs Enhances Safety Compliance

Federal, State and Local Governments have a myriad of safety laws or regulations ranging from OSHA to local ordinances. These requirements run the range from pool maintenance to fire extinguisher inspections to the proposed Federal energy efficiency requirements. Maintenance managers using CMMS software are able to schedule inspections, preventive maintenance and all work order related tasks. The organization of these maintenance tasks using CMMS software will provide the detail need for compliance reporting or surprise inspections by governing authorities.

Another safety consideration is of course being able to monitor hotel or stadium common areas. These areas including hallways and other common areas may be the location of hooligan damage or in Van Der Sloot’s case – evidence. Common areas also suffer much more damage through normal wear and tear. CMMS scheduled inspections of these areas as well as checking on surveillance equipment can all be scheduled using the CMMS program. The result will be the early identification of trouble, less damage and fewer injuries.

We hope everyone enjoys the upcoming 2010 World Cup (as long as the USA wins) but encourage maintenance management professionals not currently using a EAM or CMMS to reevaluate their risks. Tell us how your facility mitigates liability and safety issues. If you liked this article you may also enjoy reading: