How Small Airports Can Benefit From CMMS Software

This article will discuss why small airports can have the same benefits as a larger airport using a CMMS software solution.

Airport Survey Results

In December of 2007, a survey sponsored by the FAA took a look at models to improve energy use in U.S. airport facilities. The survey reviewed data from both and large and small airports.

As you can see, the larger the airport the more likely the airport is to use a CMMS solution. The survey suggest that CMMS complexity and costs may be barriers for smaller airports, however, this is a misperception will quickly pay for itself through labor, repair and energy savings. The real question is, how can you not afford a CMMS?

CMMS Bridges Energy Solutions

A closer look at the survey reveals that almost all airports makes use of a building Automation System, over half have periodic inspections of their HVAC systems and many airports make use of the various energy performance or metering measures.

The reason a CMMS works for airports is because when implemented properly it can be used to:

  • Schedule, perform and track inspection results for assets such as HVACsystems as well as any other asset.
  • Enable airport maintenance staff to be more proactive through the use of automated processes and the reduction of paperwork.
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance operations. By combining automation and proactive scheduling, airport maintenance management will see sharp reductions in labor and repair costs.
  • Reduce energy costs. Better proactive maintenance on airport assets will lower the energy requirements of those assets.
  • Keep track of asset history. A CMMS not only collects the initial asset detail but it also records every work request,work order, repair, inspection or any other work performed on assets. This enables the development of standard operating procedures, better maintenance planning and more accurate budgeting.