Halloween is just days away, for adults it often means a party at a friends house and an overnight stay at a hotel should the beverages flow too freely. For Hotels and Resorts, Halloween represents an opportunity to make sure that they have inspected the premises for safety and liability issues using their CMMS system.

Standard Hotel Safety Checks With CMMS

Every Hotel or Resort should have a checklist of items that need to be inspected on a regular basis. These hotel maintenance inspection items cover some of the basic safety needs of guests such as:

  1. Working elevators as no one wants to run in to someone wearing a mask in the stairwell.
  2. Working HVAC. Some costumes with mask can be very hot. It is entirely possible that someone wearing such a costume becomes overheated.
  3. Functioning emergency doors and alarms. Front desk or security personnel should always be alerted when guest travel through time locked doors.
  4. Common area asset preventive maintenance (loose railings, shredded carpets, loose tiles, lighting etc.)
  5. Room maintenance, working lights, doors, inspect for electrical issues.
  6. Grounds upkeep like cleaning up debris, marking off holes and so on.
  7. Working fire extinguishers, sometimes you need to double check on the inspectors themselves or make sure all the extinguishers are in place.
  8. Fixing electrical shorts and making sure all exit signs are properly lit.

All of the above items can be scheduled for inspection using a CMMS program. Using a CMMS will organize these inspections in the most efficient manner as well as provide management with assurance the tasks were actually done.

Hotels and resorts can increase the speed of maintenance inspections ever further by integrating the use of handheld devices. Mobile handheld devices are an integral part of modern CMMS solutions. The use of handheld devices virtually eliminates paper while also allowing management to have real time results at their fingertips as completed work is transmitted back to management.

Halloween Extra Inspections and Preventive Maintenance

Hopefully you are not asking why you need extra maintenance inspections for Halloween. However, in case you are not sure the reasons include people with costumes (masks) feel that their identity is concealed and may be more likely to cause problems.

A watchful eye should be kept on masked people roaming around the hotel, late night costumed arrivals and for Halloween mischief from both adolescents and adults. These efforts will help address the number one complaint of hotel guests (noise) as well as keep the premises safer. Some of the extra inspections include:

  • Make sure all security cameras are working in entrances, at exits, halls and parking lots. Masked persons need to be watched for unusual loitering or activity.
  • Security services need to be fully manned to identify potential criminals or suspicious activity. Inspect all handheld communication devices to make sure they are in working order.
  • Inspect for hotel signage that states no one will be allowed entry wearing a mask. Halloween costumes provide a natural cover for criminals looking to steal or create havoc.
  • Inspect and monitor parking areas for mischief.
  • Securing all assets that can be tossed into trees, pools or common areas.
  • Inspect all bathrooms near bars and common areas to make sure there are no safety hazards or leaks and that they are free of standing water. Party goers have a tendency to be careless and in a hurry in bathrooms.

Non-standard Inspections with CMMS

One of the nice things about a Hotel CMMS solution is that unusual or periodic inspections can be set up and called upon only when needed. For example, special inspections for Halloween, a hotel hurricane checklist or preparing for a major sporting event coming to town can be entered and selected as needed or on a scheduled basis. This makes sure that there is always a history of inspections and maintenance available.

When it comes to guest safety, the value of an accurate maintenance history is priceless. Should an accident occur resulting in a lawsuit against the hotel or resort, proof of consistent good maintenance practices may mitigate some of the liability of the hotel.

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