Tired of having to get up from behind your desk to perform rounds or inspections? Or maybe you would like to talk to staff or check up on them without even leaving your desk? Well sit back and relax, we have the answer that George Jetson would be proud of.

Introducing the Maintenance 2.0 (MR 2.0) from Liftyourfeetup Industries

MR 2.0 Standard Features

Standard features for the MR 2.0 include full Roomba features and:

  • Mounted handheld device for recording and transmitting rounds and inspection results
  • Top mounted extendable revolving high resolution camera for viewing and visual verification.*
  • Integrated broadband for long distance remote control
  • 3 foot retractable arm for elevator access
  • Patented drop spring technology for stair climbing (1 foot max climb or fall)

* Liftyourfeetup Industry is not liable for any claims as a result of voyeurism or sexual misconduct.With our easy to read picture manual, you will be able to set up the MR 2.0 in a matter of minutes. Your first set of rounds can be done the same day.

Optional MR 2.0 Features

Every industry has its own unique needs. Available features include:

  • Video Capture Module (VCM) – perfect for using the MR 2.0 to monitor secure areas. VCM comes with extended life Lithium rechargeable batteries
  • Guest Interface Module (GIM) – This module allows the MR 2.0 to interact with hotel guest or maintenance staff and be loaded with up to a 100 questions or phrases such as Good MorningHave you tried our bottled spring water?Please excuse the inconvenience while I clean or even Would you like your picture taken for $5?

Future Enhancements to the MR 2.0

At Liftyourfeetup Industries our team of dedicated futurist are working on several enhancements to be made available in early 2012. The first two enhancements will be:

  • Maintenance Module. This enhancement will include several basic maintenance monitoring tools and sensors attached to a robotic arm capable of performing simpler maintenance tasks such as checking electrical sockets, radiation levels and air toxicity.
  • Home Conversion Kit – this specialty kit will enable the MR 2.0 to be used at home and be safe around children. Features include flashing lights, a drool guard, extra padding, baby cam, emergency alarm system and can hold up to 25 audio bedtime stories. The snap on enhancements will make the MR 2.0 a replacement option for the modern day babysitter.

But wait there is more!. Order today and with each new purchase of the new MR 2.0 we will throw in a custom logo imprinted on the casing along with a case of popcorn that you can eat while watching the MR 2.0 do your job for you.