Summertime can test the an asset’s durability in many ways. Perhaps the most telling test of how an asset has been maintained comes as a result of the beating that assets take as a result of severe weather extremes. Searing heat can warp roofs or siding, dry out unprotected wood and tax inefficient HVAC units. Summer storms such a severe thunderstorms, tornadoes or hurricanes can shred assets improperly secured or weakened by rot. Using a quality EAM/CMMS for property managers can quickly ascertain the damage that is occurring as well as identify potential issues. This is done by inspecting all property assets and scheduling preventive maintenance and repairs on any item likely to feel the impact of the summer season.

Using a CMMS to Schedule Inspections

The biggest challenge property management professionals have is organizing maintenance tasks into manageable events in order to minimize labor costs. A CMMS automates the work order process increasing the flexibility of management to accommodate special projects without incurring overtime. For example, roofs should be inspected to make sure there is no debris, holes or other damage etc. CMMS inspection questions can be preloaded onto a mobile handheld device that allows maintenance staff to answer and then transmit back to property management to determine the best maintenance approach. All information is recorded without the need for paper, enabling repairs to be scheduled. This sharply reduces emergency repairs which are far more expensive then preventive maintenance.

More importantly inspections and preventive maintenance with a web-based CMMS solution will positively alter the way property management is performed. Benefits include:

  • Greater proactive management and less firefighting. This reduces labor costs especially overtime for unplanned maintenance.
  • Elimination of paper based work order system and replacement by web-based CMMS software allowing for access from any computer or location.
  • Lower maintenance repair costs as major repairs or replacements are shifted in favor of minor repairs
  • Better energy efficiency from HVAC, chillers and other high energy consumption equipment. Greater energy efficiency using a CMMS means lower energy costs.
  • Early identification of potential major problems allowing property management to act accordingly.

What implementing an EAM CMMS will do for Property Management

In addition, implementing an EAM CMMS enables property managers to build a data base of work orders and results so that an entire facilities assets can be reviewed, identify problem assets and schedule the appropriate frequency of inspections to minimize repair costs. The nice part about the collection of historical maintenance records is that the information can be used to better manage the entire lifecycle of property assets as well as provide a training base for maintenance staff. For example:

  • A CMMS will record contract data such as vendor information, costs, terms, hours of operations and so on. No more looking through file cabinets to find telephone numbers or contacts for HVAC, Roofer, pool services or cleaning contractors. Schedule vendor preventive maintenance and work order visits.
  • Knowledge transfer using the EAM is easier. The collection of work order information which includes identifying the fix or the work that was done will reduce the dependency on any particular maintenance team member. Now property management has a tool to help train new maintenance staff.
  • Management reports identify assets that are being repaired too often or are nearing the point where it may make better sense to replace than fix. This information is crucial for better and more accurate capital budget planning.
  • Assets that are properly maintained with timely inspections and preventive maintenance last longer and operate more efficiently reducing the frequency of repairs both major and minor.
  • With proper EAM/CMMS implementation, property managers will know where there assets are at all times, their condition, their maintenance history and expected retirement /replacement. No more guess work or surprises.

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