The article will describe how using a CMMS software solution can help lower airport aviation energy costs.

CMMS Management of Airport Energy Costs

The main source of energy in airports is electricity. Electricity is used for lighting, luggage belts, HVAC, control systems, radar, runway lights, beacons, escalators and in restaurants etc. In fact without electricity, airports as we know them would cease to exist.

Airport dependence on electricity makes them vulnerable to power disruptions which can cause system failures as well potentially disastrous events. In addition, from an operational standpoint, energy efficiency is critical to controlling airport operational costs.

Improving Energy Reliability and Efficiency

Reliability and efficiency go hand-on-hand. When airport assets are kept in good working order they are more energy efficient. For example, when an asset is poorly maintained (lack of lubrication, corrosion, clogged filters etc., they require more power to accomplish the same results.

When assets require more power they run longer and the wear and tear shortens the useful lifecycle of the asset. The extra work that electrical assets do may cause unplanned repairs as well as accelerated replacements. On larger assets replacement could be at the capital level impacting cash flow.

CMMS Software Solutions

One way to address both the reliability of airport assets and energy efficiency is to make sure that are receiving proper maintenance utilizing a CMMS system. A CMMS software solution provides the tools to make sure that airports can:

  • Track the locations and condition of all assets by creating database full of asset details including age, location, description and work history.
  • Schedule preventive maintenance on power intensive assets to ensure they are operating in optimal condition.
  • Computerized inspection checklist to make sure assets are working properly especially critical control panels.
  • Automate the work request and work order process to increase the amount of time airport maintenance staff can remain in the field without having to return to the office.
  • Track all work history to identify trends, repair patterns and establish best practices.

These are just a few of the ways that a CMMS software solution can help airport take better care of their assets. How can we help your airport operations get better?