Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving With CPE Peace of Mind

Nov 24, 2010

Stuart Smith

Stuart Smith

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Thanksgiving is one the oldest holidays we have in the USA resulting in countless family traditions. It is a time for families to reconnect by sharing the year’s events and stories as well be thankful for the what they have in life. We wish all cable industry employees a wonderful and safe holiday.

For cable MSOs, Thanksgiving also marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. With high-tech digital TV sales specials and computers on the market, the need for Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) management tools is bound to increase as subscribers want to make sure they have the fastest connection or the most content available. A quick response to consumer demand provides an exceptional tool in meeting some of the cable MSO industry challenges.

Warehouse Management Software Can Help MSOs through the Holidays

Thanksgiving is an opportunity for cable MSOs to prepare their warehouses for the onslaught of CPE that must be managed, distributed and accounted for as CPE movement make its way through the hub and spoke networks.

Warehouse management software helps cable MSOs make sure they have enough set-top boxes, cable modems, controllers and cat5 cabling to accommodate the need for CPE. In order to do this cable warehouses need to make sure their facilities are operating in the most efficient manner as well as have the controls necessary to minimize CPE theft.

Top Five Reasons Cable Warehouse Management Software is the choice for CPEOperations

  1. Cable warehouse management has a better handle on the logistics of moving CPE between hub and spokes.
  2. The opportunity for CPE theft is greatly decreased because of:
    • More tightly controlled checks and balances on CPE from arrival to exiting the warehouse.
    • Serialized reconciliations can be done more often because they take much less time.
    • CPE returns or in repairs and testing are all accounted for quickly.
    • Cable contractor management is easier resulting in more accurate information on what CPE contractors have.
  3. Labor costs are controlled better by making use of mobile handheld devices to scan CPE bar codes reducing the amount of paperflow as well as improving efficiency.
  4. CPE capital costs are reduced as a result of warehouse managers having a more effective inventory system that requires less CPE to be on hand as well as reduced theft.
  5. Better warehouse management reduces operational costs adding significant savings to the bottom line of cable MSOs.

Enjoy the long Thanksgiving weekend by relaxing, knowing your cable warehouse management has operations under control with the right software from an industry leader. When you return, share with us how your warehouse changes gears for the holiday season.

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Stuart Smith

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