WinTrack® SETS is the only warehouse management system designed to talk with ICOMS, CSG, and AMDOCS. Developed by Mintek Mobile Data Solutions in the early 1990’s, WinTrack® SETS has become the industry standard for cable automation by consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations and developing strong loyalties with our customers.

How did we do this? The answer is a great product that has less than a 1 year ROI thus saving our customers money which creates value and great customer service. As one of our customers said, “I would quit if management ever tried to remove SETSfrom my warehouse”.

Building customer relationships requires a total team effort. At Mintek we pride ourselves on our ability to provide exceptional customer service. Some of the ways this is accomplished are:

  • Ease of access to technical support staff
  • High quality of response solving issues at the time of need
  • Low turnover and over 100 YEARS of industry experience on staff
  • Continual innovations such as the integration of handheld mobile devices, SETS for Contractors” SETS for Contractors and WatchList.
  • Training to our clients for “Best Practices”, setting warehouse policy and preparation for audits
  • Hands on implementation of products

The result is Mintek Mobile Data Solutions has a controllable client retention rate in excess of 95%.

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