Role of mobility in cable supply chain management

Jan 15, 2016

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Traditional logistics and supply chain operations are giving way to more streamlined, mobile processes that rely heavily on wireless devices and applications to operate at peak efficiency levels around the clock and around the world.

Enterprise mobility allows supply chain management personnel to access data any time from any place. Chain managers are able to identify problem points easier and can work towards the necessary steps to resolve the issues. This increases supply chain functionality and productivity which in turn leads to higher levels of employee efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.

According to, Cognizant, Adopting mobility can boost the number of orders and packages processed daily by facilitating the whole range of warehouse functions from picking, put away, packaging, labeling and shipping, through receiving and cross-docking. For example, in the receiving area a warehouse operator can scan and identify incoming shipments and then reroute, inspect or relabel them as prompted on the mobile device.

Warehouse Inventory Management

Adopting a new warehouse inventory management system can be exciting for any business; companies will learn how to save money, decrease loss, and make the most out of their advanced system. Below demonstrates the top four advantages of implementing a mobile inventory management system into your warehouse.

  1. Simplify—Say goodbye to screen-based reporting and having to execute many, time-consuming transactions to complete one task. You get multiple transactions compressed into one simple, easy-to-use screen.
  2. Automate—Mobile scanning functionality passes real-time information from the shop floor to your system, so you avoid manual data entry.
  3. Empower users with mobile wireless and static data capture solutions that compress and speed up key transactions.
  4. Eliminate the root causes of manual errors and data inaccuracy.

Address your gaps and extend your capabilities to become more adaptable, flexible, fast, and accurate.

Mobility and Planning

Mobility in cable supply chain management gives managers the power to plan and execute supply chain strategies faster and more profitably. You can optimize your end-to-end supply chain and communicate quicker with your team and outside sources, including customers, supplies, and partners.

Managers have greater visibility into their supply chain to optimize utilization of resources and labor, improve inventory and shipping accuracy, deliver the orders on time, and respond quicker to customer opportunities.

Workers have the ability to forecast shipments being sent out a month from now or six months from now and how much is left to sell and what they need more of to ensure money isn’t being wasted on buying up too much product.

Productivity has said to increase among workers, according to Cognizant, 5-10% with the use of a mobile device for tracking and logging inventory due to the elimination of paperwork and worry of losing something in transit. Workers can complete jobs faster and transfer data among workers to share the work load.

Inventory management within the warehouse is the key to starting off the supply chain on the right track to success for any business.

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