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Oct 29, 2015

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Mobile should not be an after thought for your operations and engineering teams. When you think about your facility and ways you track work order management, document management, and asset management what comes to mind? Are your engineers still using paper and pen to write down problems, fixes, and replacements needed? Are there files piling up on someone’s desk with orders needing to be processed, and you aren’t sure of the date and time that they needed to be completed?

This way can work for organizations, but there is a better and smarter way of tracking and managing your assets.

This past week at the National Facilities Maintenance and Technology (NFMT) Conference in Orlando, Mintek discussed some of the simplest ways to implement EAM/CMMS in your facility to help engineers track their orders, manage their time better, and get their company a better ROI in the short and long run by introducing a simple concept: mobile.

Proper Use of an EAM/CMMS on Mobile

According to Coopers and Lybrand, 90% of corporate memory exists on paper. Corporate memory includes documents and contracts, but it also means processes. Processes are the heart of your business, and they need to be applied constantly.

Processes can include senior engineers retiring and having the logged information that was put in using a mobile platform to train new employees. Implementing a EAM/CMMS into your business will give you more time to do the tasks that matter to your company’s bottom line.

An EAM/CMMS solution on a mobile interface will allow engineers to track and monitor their work orders and allow managers to see exactly when work is completed and how long it takes each engineer to complete. This eliminates managers wondering if a task was skipped over, done improperly, or even completed at all.

 An EAM CMMS solution allows for increased wrench time and productivity getting your workers out on the field and less in the office.

Web vs. Native

Which is better? Web or Native? In reality, web is not as ideal. Web doesn’t allow you to have constant access when you may need it the most. Web is a dead end for engineering and operations; For example, engineers may have to access assets in the basement, and there isn’t always a way to connect to WiFi in those remote locations.

A mobile app give engineers the ability to roam into uncharted territory in order to track and report on all assets. Technology is not at the price point it used to be in terms of mobile devices, so this is the time to mobile your employees and start increasing your company’s ROI.

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