Yale Locks Compatible with Comcast Xfinity Home

Aug 29, 2018

Kelly Potter

Kelly Potter

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Last week, Yale Locks & Hardware announced that smart locks from its Assure Lock® line can now be connected to Comcast’s Xfinity Home service, its home security and home automation solution, when purchased with a Yale Zigbee Network Module.

“We’re delighted to partner with Xfinity Home and have our Assure Lock line play a critical role securing front doors across the country,” Jason Williams, President, ASSA ABLOY U.S. Residential Group, which includes Yale Residential, said in a statement. “Xfinity Home customers can now connect an Assure Lock that’s right for them and control access and secure their homes from the Xfinity Home mobile app.”

The Yale Assure Lock line is an extensive series of smart locks that offers homeowners the choice of key-free or keyed locks in both touchscreen and pushbutton versions.

Four compatible Assure Locks with a Zigbee Network Module can be added to the Xfinity Home mobile app for consumer easy use. Xfinity Home customers who already own a compatible Assure Lock can purchase a Yale Zigbee Network Module separately and easily add the device onto the Xfinity platform.

When Yale’s smart lock is integrated with an Xfinity Home system, the door locks can be controlled and monitored from anywhere using the Xfinity Home app. Users can remotely lock/unlock their doors, check lock status, and create rules i.e. set door to lock at 8:00AM.

Smart door locks can be a meaningful home security addition, especially when combined with other IoT devices like cameras. Xfinity’s platform gives consumers the ability to manage and control all of their smart devices in one unified experience and we’re excited to give our customers even more choice by integrating the Assure Lock line from Yale.

Patti Loyack, VP, IP services, and home automation for Comcast Cable

Yale Assure Lock with Zigbee is available to Xfinity Home’s more than 1.2 million subscribers through the Works with Xfinity program.

IoT Coming to Life in Cable

Yale Locks & Hardware is yet another example how IoT is integrating with Cable providers. It’s estimated that in the year 2020, there will be “200 billion connected devices in the world”  making it imperative for companies to have IoT solutions that can be integrated with consumer daily life.

The cable industry is in a position to help define IoT in the home environment. Cable providers can leverage its deployed equipment, services and infrastructure to establish a foothold in IoT and use that to position itself with its consumers.

Cable providers can create products with IoT integrations that will be a safety, luxury, or benefit to consumers, such as Yale Locks, which keeps them ahead of the IoT game and in good standing with current customers and hopefully create new cliental.

Comcast is in the foreground when it comes to IoT in cable. For example, earlier this year, Comcast’s MachineQ collaborated with Neptune on its IoT solution designed to accelerate Smart City projects focused on advanced water metering and infrastructure. This is just the tip of the iceberg with consumers expecting more and companies coming up the plate to bat.

Kelly Potter

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