In previous articles we mentioned the importance of industry experience for selecting your cable SFA vendor. Cable industry experience is just one of many factors that gives your cable CRM vendor the stability to be there when you need them most.

Mintek Makes Software Magazine’s List of Largest Software Companies

Software Magazine recently ranked Mintek as one of the 500 largest software and service providers. We are very proud of this accomplishment as the keys for our long term growth and stability for cable CRM include:

  • Over 20 years of providing a quality software and service for cable MSOs.
  • Outstanding technical service support from a staff that has over 100 combined years of expertise.
  • The ability to adapt our product to the needs of cable MSOs such as;
    • The only cable warehouse management software that integrates with the three major billing systems of ICOMS, CSG and AMDOCS.
    • An understanding of the cable sales process and the challenges DSMs have to make sure DSRs are staying in the field selling as much as possible using route selection features.
    • The development of ancillary tools such as Wintrack TA for help in expediting the tap audit process.
    • The integration of handheld devices that enable DSRs to conduct sales calls, up selling, cross selling and tap audits at the same time.
    • Cable SFA features that allow for online credit checks from the field as well as real time management reporting of sales results.

When all the experience and cable expertise is put together, the result is a quality product and service organization that has grown by over 26% despite tough economic conditions. It is this growth that placed Mintek on Software Magazine’s list of the 500 largest software and service companies and gives you the confidence that Mintek will be around for many years.

Why Our Growth is Important to Your Cable MSO

Cable CRM software vendors cannot exist for long unless they are providing a quality product and service that addresses a customer’s pain. Product and service go hand in hand as even the best software is effectively useless unless cable MSOs are being trained to use it correctly and it is supported by exceptional technical staff.

Mintek’s WinTrack® SFA has helped increase sales by 30%, slashed cable churn and increased the professionalism of cable MSO‘s sales teams. In addition, Cable SFA and TA allows faster and more targeted sales strategies to be executed such as:

  • Targeting sales routes by zip code, clusters or street.
  • Targeting recent disconnects.
  • Up-selling and cross-selling services by knowing what services each subscriber currently has.

The automation of much of the cable sales process also enables DSMs to have more time for training thus reducing turnover by helping new DSRs achieve early success.

We thank all of our cable MSOs for their support and business as well as Software Magazine for recognizing our efforts.

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