A recent SETS update allows users the ability to specify an Amdocs place field.  If you are not familiar with a place field it is used in Amdocs billing system  to determaine where equipment is.  However, this is only accurate if every warehouse associate’s each piece of serialized equipment in Amdocs with their Place ID for their location.

SETS with Amdocs Auto Populate

The Amdocs Place field is being updated with the last four digits of your EIS site ID. This information will be valuable in locations where one physical warehouse shares an Amdocs Corp Number with one or more other physical warehouses. The automatic update of the Place field will allow Comcast, through reporting, to identify the location of CPE once that inventory leaves EIS and is tracked in billing.

Please take a moment to review the attached PDF document that gives an overview on how the Place Field works along with assistance in creating the place.ini files used by SETS. By automating this process SETS users will realize the benefits of more accurate reporting of physical inventory. Better reporting leads to better and more accurate allocations of new CPE, ensuring you have the inventory to meet the needs of your customers.