The 2010 World Cup in South Africa starts this weekend and runs through July 11. This event is 30 days of glory and heartbreak for many of the world’s top athletes and is the most watched sporting event in the world. As an avid soccer player and fan, I know firsthand that many people who normally will not even watch TV will find themselves in neighborhood bars, clubs and meeting halls to watch their favorite team play. At the same time, many others would like to enjoy the games from their homes. This represents an ideal target market for Cable operators to make new sales or up-sell and cross-sell to subscribers in a short period of time using CRM SFA a cable salesforce automation tool.

The Time to Act is NOW

In 2006 over 2 billion people watched the World Cup Final, this is almost 20 times the viewership for the most popular Super Bowl. The excitement building throughout the globe can be seen in the following two videos. The first video is from NIKE and does an excellent job of catching the spirit of the games and what is at stake. The segment featuring Wayne Rooney of England says it all. The second video is a humorous clip about the Australian Football Team, watch out for those darn Crocs.


Australian football teams secret training camp exposed!

How can a cable operator take advantage of the passion the World Cup brings out in people. The answer is sending DSRs out into the field to cross-sell and up-sell subscribers. Using a cable CRM specifically designed for the cable industry, sales management can preselect routes based to target Soccer aficionados. DSRs making the sales call will have the latest promotional packages available on their handheld devices. The best part is, the sales approval time using SFA is sharply reduced because customer information is accessible on the handheld allowing for instant on-demand credit checks. This means, the client can sign up this week and be approved in time to watch all the games.

The Hidden CRM TA Advantage

Through the use of CRM TA for tap audits cable operators can also identify areas or subscribers that may be receiving service they do not pay for. Targeting specific addresses DSRs can gently inform these customers that watching the World Cup requires a subscription. No one is going go to want to miss the big game.

We hope you all enjoy watching your favorite team (GO USA), Looking for your favorite teams 2010 World Cup Schedule. If you liked this article you may also enjoy reading: