EIS Ownership Exception Management Module

The EIS Ownership Exception Management module automates the resolution of ownership exceptions for Hubs, Spokes and Vendors.

EIS automates the notification process once an ownership exception occurs, notifying both parties of the exception. This notification, delivered via email through the EIS notification engine, provides the site that caused the exception with a description of the exception, the site ID reporting physical ownership and a direct web link to Ownership Exception Module.

Users can review all exceptions at their current site location and perform detail queries on each item. Once review is completed, exceptions can be approved or rejected based on findings. Upon approval an XTA transaction type is created in the CPE serial history; similarly when an exception is rejected a XTR transaction type is created within history. An email notification is sent to both parties notifying them that the approval or rejection process has been completed with related transaction numbers for follow-up.

This module saves significant time in the resolution of ownership exceptions within EIS. Ensuring the accuracy of the data in EIS, confirming electronic information ties with physical inventory, provides several benefits including:

  • Precise Inventory Reporting
  • Better Information for Allocations
  • Accurate History for Forecasting
  • Asset Property and Sales Tax Information