Comcast Business New Webinar Series Looks to Help Small Businesses

Apr 20, 2020

Web Team

Web Team

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The series of webinars aim to extend support to businesses of all sizes, and from all types of industries.

The goal is to help organizations navigate through the current climate of uncertainty and to discuss how to implement different business strategies. The webinars will focus on long and short-term strategies, and how to leverage technology to remain nimble and relevant.

According to the CMO of Comcast Business, Eileen Diskin, “the company has compiled this collection to empower several businesses with the support of essential industry experts and a network of strategic partners. These resourceful people will inform the organizations on ways and techniques that they can put to use to stay relevant in the industry, not just now but also in the future.”

The webinar series will come to businesses at no cost and will feature top industry experts who will address the biggest business questions amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The series is set to feature on Tuesday, April 14, 2020, at 1 pm EDT. Register for the webinar here.

If you have missed any of the previous talks, you can watch them on demand here.

Comcast Webinar Series Schedule:

Tuesday April 14, 2020 1PM EDT

Leaning in to Support Small Business
Experts from Davis Polk & Wardell LLP will explore the facts of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), including eligibility requirements, primary considerations, and details ofother government programs designed to keep businesses running.

Tuesday April 14, 2020 1PM EDT

Connectivity and Resilience: How Technology is Supporting Business Continuity.
A shift to remote working and digital commerce puts new demands on technology infrastructure. Comcast Business experts explore how resilient network connectivity can help keep businesses productive.
Panelists: Bob Victor, SVP, Product Management; Noam Raffaelli, SVP, Network & Communications Engineering; Jeff Lewis, VP Data Product Management, Strategic Planning & Development

Thursday April 23, 2020 1PM EDT

Remote Learning Tech Solutions
Many school districts lack the technology to enable remote learning. Comcast Business and industry experts detail how educators can adapt by shifting their networks and technologies.
Panelists: Lenny Schad, Chief Information & Innovation Officer – District Administration; Nelson Ortiz, Executive Director National Sales Engineering at Comcast Business

Tuesday April 28. 2020 1PM EDT

Keeping Cybercriminals at Bay – and Protecting Your Business
Companies are vulnerable during a crisis. Comcast security leaders help businesses understand how to identify if they are a potential target and explore the steps that can be taken to mitigate risk.
Panelists: Shena Seneca Tharnish, Vice President, Cybersecurity Products, Comcast Business; Noopur Davis, EVP, Chief Product & Information Security Officer, Comcast.

Thursday April 30, 2020, 1PM EDT

Steering Your Brand Through Crisis
Brand actions matter, especially during difficult times. Lou Aversano, CEO of Ogilvy & Mather USA will discuss how companies can manage their brands during all phases of a crisis and come out on the other side.

Web Team

Transcendent Web Team

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