Thanksgiving Holiday generally means lots of food, football and relaxing around the TV. For cable MSOs it is a slight breather before the December sales push. Between Internet TV, telecoms and satellite companies the challenge at the end of the year is making sure you can get to the most potential subscribers and disconnects first with your cable CRM.

For a few days it is time for DSMs and sales executives to be thankful that their cable CRM will get their sales teams ready for the end of the year push. With that in mind the following is a short list of some of the reasons cable MSOs should be thankful for their cable Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Tap Audit (TA) software.

Top Five Reasons to be Thankful for Your Cable CRM for Thanksgiving

  1. You will have the results of all sales and disconnect activity on Monday morning at the push of a button because sales route dispositions are recorded.
  2. Your team of DSRs will be ready for the December sales push by being able to visit more potential subscribers using efficient cable sales SFA tools. These CRM features include:
    • Selecting route criteria by zip, bridger number or node as well as several other criteria.
    • Being able to choose the type of route such as sales or tap audit.
    • Specifying priority
    • Having the ability to do an on demand online credit inquiry.
    • Being able to check for back balances
  3. Your cable SFA tools provides sales management with the time to train DSRs which makes them more successful in the field as well as more professional.
  4. Your cable CRM vendor will still be here when you return next week.
  5. You are going to hit your sales numbers for the year because now everyone has the tools to feel comfortable about up-selling and cross-selling cable, phone, Internet and Wi-Max products.

We truly hope you have an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend and wish everyone to have a safe holiday. When you return , share with us how your Cable CRM helped you relax this Thanksgiving holiday.

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