Like an old broken record (yes – I did say record) you hear the sales management team make excuses for poor performance of DSRs. You can hear their echo in your sleep as they profess that they just don’t have the time to make sure Johnny and Suzy are:

Why CRM Training is Important

  • making sales calls during peak periods in the evening
  • handling objections correctly
  • managing their route and schedule effectively
  • up-selling and cross-selling after listening to customers
  • using the sales tools given to them

The Missed Opportunity

The reality is that maybe sales management is missing the opportunity to spend time training in the field because they are being restrained by antiquated manual processes. If your sales management are each spending upwards of 10 hours/per week on administrative tasks then they are being under utilized. Ideally, sales management should not be spending more than 1-2 hours per week on administrative tasks such as gathering sales information, generating reports, and scheduling routes

Lowering Administrative Tasks to 1-2 hours/per Week

The solution to this dilemma is using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with mobile technology. Integration of a CRM computerizes customer, sales and marketing information. Direct benefits include sharply reduced time spent:

  • gathering data for report generation, statistics and upper management as all sales information is entered and updated real time
  • producing reports report generation is as quick as pressing a print button
  • generating more timely sales routes on the fly based upon pre-selected variables and information
Additional CRM Benefits

The result is sales management will have an extra 1-2 hours of time each day to spend coaching and training DSRs both new and experienced. Greater office efficiency is not the only benefit. In addition there are numerous other benefits both direct and indirect including:

  • reduced turnover within the first 90-120 days
  • getting new reps making sales quicker
  • DSR professionalism
  • faster sales approval process using online credit checks
  • less time doing payroll

Installing a CRM will eliminate many of the pains that sales management must handle. Isn’t it time you stopped the nightmares and let Johnny and Suzy sell?