It is the middle of summer, the heat is on and Direct Sales Managers (DSM) are trying to figure out how to light a fire under their DSRs. The summertime blues if left unchecked can wreak havoc on sales goals. One method of reeling in DSR activity is to increase their activity using a Cable CRM designed specifically for the industry.

Potential Summer Sales Goals

Increase cross-selling and up-selling

The summer is an ideal time to revisit subscribers to up-sell and cross-sell services. One reason, includes children who are watching more TV or playing on the internet. Parents may be in need of extra content such as movies or online game access for their Wii or PS3 systems. DSRs may also find that the number of subscribers needing Wi-Fi access has increased due to the number of new handheld devices such as iPod Touch. I can personally attest to the joy of a teen that can play PS3 online and text his friends on his iPod Touch at the same time.

Build customer loyalty

Revisiting subscribers is more than a chance to do some additional product selling as it is a good opportunity to discover issues, concerns and build customer loyalty. A visit to a subscriber may uncover issues with equipment such as a remote that takes an unreasonable amount of time to change a channel, a need for additional rooms to be wired or a weak signal due to too many splitters being used. They may sound like small issues but the frustration of a subscriber can open the door to competitors if they are not addressed.

How a Cable CRM can Help Achieve Sales Goals

SFA keeps the DSR in the field

The Sales Force Automation (SFA) features of a cable CRM solution are integrated with the use of handheld mobile devices. By placing state-of-art handheld technology in the hands of a DSR, Sales managers can eliminate much of the need for a DSR to waste time returning to the office to complete paperwork. This is because the handheld contains everything from the days route schedule to the ability to submit sales information online. Simply put, a CRM designed for the cable industry makes the office mobile and far more efficient. Tracking measures allow the DSM to make sure the days activities are is being accomplished.

SFA has a faster sales cycle

The advantages do not end by keeping the DSR in the field. The use of  SFA handheld devices decreases the sales cycle substantially. By having customer information, the latest promotions and the ability to perform online credit checks all available on the handheld, sales approval times are reduced. This also makes the subscriber happier as there is limited waiting before their children can access their favorite games and applications.

SFA can capture the opportunity sale

Keeping the DSR in the field can help uncover the opportunity sale. These are sales or sales leads discovered by sight or proximity. For example, while visiting current subscribers at an apartment complex, the DSR notices several moving trucks. This is a signal someone is moving in or out. For someone moving in the opportunity is to stop by, say hello and tell them about how fast they can have service. For someone leaving, the opportunity is to find out where and see if service is available at the new location.

A similar summertime opportunity to make sales occurs at locations surrounding Colleges and Universities. Students begin returning in late July and early August. DSMs and DSRs can make use of the CRM route features to select high impact areas for seasonal opportunities.

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