We have now discussed the role of mobility in the warehouse and also field personnel for cable, but how does this affect our business partners?

Mobility can address challenges that businesses deal with on the day to day. Here is a quick recap on the top four benefits clients can receive from mobility.

Working on smartphone
  1. Portability – A number of recent studies point to the fact that extending access to critical work applications to all employees leads to greater employee satisfaction and a general sense of empowerment
  2. Availability – The ability to access content in the field or in the warehouse can help businesses keep track of their inventory more and reduce shipping and buying expenses
  3. Personal ownership of devices – Businesses looking to reduce costs can use their own devices for tracking assets/inventory causing higher adoption among employees and better employee engagement
  4. Employee satisfaction – The ability to access asset and inventory information in real-time saves the company from additional manual labor

Mobility also provides clients with the security that their asset information will be safely secured with enterprise data and software. This protection will benefit both the client and their employees to secure company information from unauthorized access that could be found on manual paperwork laying around in a warehouse or office.

Vendor and Contractor Benefits

Vendors have the ability to login and track asset information, such as life-span, repair history, and warranty information. They can also track their inventory levels to see when the next shipment needs ordering allowing better expense management and ability to manage current inventory more accurately.

Contractors have the ability to collaborate more with workers on service history, repair history, be proactive and plan for the next service request/visit to a client to increase customer satisfaction and increase revenue for their business.

Mobility will also keep employees accountable for their time on delivery, stocking, managing inventory, and mobility software can report back to their managers which ultimately can save vendors money by seeing where to allocate time better and where to improve for customers and their business.

Implementing Mobility into your Cable Sector

Mobility has numerous benefits from tracking inventory in a warehouse to delivery status for clients which can all be tracked through an EAM system. An EAM system allows managers to see their replenishment rate, lifespan on assets, and renewals for multiple clients. Additionally, an EAM can help with the back-end of systems, such as financial applications and billing systems for vendors.

Mobility can also help with integrated software for back office solutions. Vendors/clients can use an application like EIS to reduce training requirements and enforce consistent processes throughout your organization. Mobile devices avoid making additional steps in the process and allows for secure access from all integration points.

Mobility may not always be the cheapest option for companies, however, organizations should account for the long-term cost savings when considering implementation. Are you ready to increase customer satisfaction and improve overall employee workload?