What is worse than not doing a manual serialized CPE reconciliation in the middle of the summer? One answer is, scheduling a manual reconciliation during the 2010 World Cup. It is difficult enough to get people to show up for work on the dog days of summer and even harder when there is a major distraction waiting in an air-conditioned room.

The top 5 reasons why cable warehouse managers should not schedule a manual reconciliation especially during the 2010 World Cup are:

  1. A manual reconciliation can take a few days to a week or more. Unless reconciliations are done at night, this will conflict with World Cup games being shown on cable. Soccer fans have a worldwide history of not showing up for work during game times. Your reconciliation will take even longer.
  2. One week of unbearable heat and humidity in a hot warehouse doing a mundane task is not good for employee retention.
  3. Paper curls in high humidity, sweat drops can distort numbers on printed forms making numbers unreadable. This results in higher error rates, additional rework, and more time wasted performing unproductive work.
  4. No one wants to work the top shelves where the heat can be 20-30 degrees hotter. This may result in unsafe working conditions and substantially higher errors.
  5. Because doing a manual CPE reconciliation is a waste of time if the object is to reduce CPE loss or have accurate inventory CPE counts.

Cable Leader SETS is a Better Alternative

What is your summertime CPE inventory count could be done in just a matter of hours, scheduled between games if necessary, provide a serialized CPE reconciliation and also give you accuracy never before achieved using a manual counts inventory? Sound good? Now what if the same serialized CPE, could perform container reconciliations and most importantly interfaced with the three major cable billing systems (ICOMS, CSG and AMDOCS). The answer is it can with, WinTrack® SETS, the only cable warehouse management tool specifically designed for cable operators.

Implementing SETS enables more effective management of CPE acquisition, storage, maintenance and life cycle. This enhances the ability of MSOs to reduce capital expenditures and operating budgets associated with CPE management. SETSaccomplishes these goals by:

  • Reducing CPE Loss: Serialized reconciliations are far more accurate in identifying CPElocation as well as identifying missing, damaged or lost CPE. This is because they make use of CPE barcode technology for scanning and tracking purposes.
  • Reduces labor costs: Serialized reconciliations are performed using rugged handheld devices sharply reducing paper trails and reducing the reconciliation process to a matter to hours by scanning barcodes.
  • Reduction of Capital expenditures: Since reconciliations will only take a few hours, they can be performed monthly, providing greater inventory control and planning. Capital expenditures are reduced as less inventory is need on hand to meet demand.

The intangible benefits are of course that fewer warehouse staff will be absent as a result of the 2010 World Cup and time spent scanning the top shelves for CPE inventory is greatly reduced. Lastly, reconciliations are no longer a waste of time but rather they become integral components of a successful CPE cable company. If you liked this article you may also like: