As 2010 draws to a close, we can take a look back at 2010 and see that the cable industry is embroiled in wars on all fronts ranging from proposed metered pricing to telecommunications competition to net neutrality. While the impact of cord cutting, Apple TV and Google TV are under significant dispute there is no doubt that all of these issues will continue into 2011 as economics force subscribers to consider all the alternatives.

As subscribers consider their alternatives it is important that Cable MSOs evaluate their Sales Force Automation (SFA) choices as well. When evaluating the choices, the price is a smaller concern than quality and support. You really do get what you pay for.

What Your Cable SFA Solution Should Do For You In 2011

While all of the above issues are strategic in nature, the bottom line is that Direct Sales Representatives (DSRs), remain on the front line in obtaining new subscribers. With cable sales proving more difficult to obtain, now is the time to make sure your Cable SFAsoftware is being used to its fullest capabilities in 2011.

Top 7 Reasons to Make Sure You Are Using a Cable Specific SFA Solution For 2011

  1. With a cable specific SFA solution your vendor becomes your partner. You are not a small fish in a big pond waiting for attention. Your success is your vendor’s success and their cable industry experience is second to none.
  2. Cable MSOs can use a Cable SFA solution to meet 100% of the sales needs not just 75%. Cable SFA tools are designed specifically for the cable industry. They can easily be customized to reflect your Cable MSO needs.
  3. When using an established Cable SFA vendor you do not have to worry about re-creating the wheel to meet your sales force needs. An established cable SFA vendor has already designed interfaces with the three major cable billing systems as well as the ability to run credit checks online wirelessly and in real time.
  4. Your Cable SFA vendor has a technical support staff that has decades of cable industry experience to provide fast, reliable solutions to problems. CRM technical support is not outsourced to another country or company but handled in-house by people who know your business, products and equipment.
  5. A Cable SFA solution is integrated to handle all of the cable products to provide faster new sales, cross-selling and up-selling. With targeted route generation, District Sales Managers (DSMs) can easily switch the routes of DSRs to accommodate the sales priorities, promotions of any given day, week or month.
  6. A cable specific SFA solution makes use of a stable operating platform. This means that your DSRs do not have to bring in, exchange, upgrade or worry about a new operating system being used on their handheld devices. This has a great advantage over using low-end handheld devices like blackberry’s or laptops that require constant updates or upgrades and increase your mobile device TCO.
  7. A stable operating platform means that hardware does not need to be replaced once or twice a year and that all DSRs and DSMs are using the same equipment with the same functionality. This eases training and support requirements both internally and externally.

As you enter into 2011, do your SFA tools fit your New Year’s goals? Will your SFA tools be an asset to help speed up the sales process or a nightmare of technical support issues?

As the Cable industry battles the challenges of economics and competition, it is critical that your sales force be able to react quickly and effectively. A Cable specific SFA solution will help you meet the challenges of the New Year and give you comfort that your SFA partner will be there to help you succeed.

We hope that you have had a great Christmas holiday and that the New Year brings you success in all your endeavors. If you liked this article you may also want to read: