In some industries, sales has a tendency to slow down at the end of the year as sales staff prepare for the holidays and many potential clients are away. In the cable industry, this holiday season is the ideal time to be selling. The reason; new HD TV’s and new PC’s brings a needs for services. Multi-service offerings can bring in new customers while they are excited about their gifts or purchases.

5 possible holiday sales pitches are:

  1. Get the most from your new toys: “Why waste a bunch of new equipment without taking advantage of high speed cable internet and HD cable TV channels? We are currently offering over XX HD channels …..”
  2. Tie new services to new equipment: “Show us a receipt for an HD TV and/or PC purchased within the last 30 days and you get free installation”.
  3. Offer technical expertise: Many purchasers of new equipment have no idea how to install the equipment correctly or learn all the features. Offer 1 hour subscriber install/training for multi-service purchases. If you don’t get to the client, someone else will and possibly suggest minimizing cable costs by suggesting other internet/service options such as viewing content online.
  4. Lower competitor impact: New TV’s and DVD players are coming with Netflix software or other revenue stripping products pre-loaded. Getting to the client during initial install is critical in order to highlight the advantages of cable over products like Netflix.
  5. Referrals: Subscribers love to brag about their new toys and at the same time are likely to hear about which neighbors have new toys also. An easy question might be “Do you think they need help installing their new HDTV? If you refer someone who becomes a client you can have a free month of cable or discount of ….”

The holidays represents an opportunity to makes sales that should not be missed. Getting off to a fast start in January will lower the pressure of making numbers later in the year as well as increase a DSR‘s paycheck.

What are you waiting for? Tell us how your DSRs will take advantage of this golden opportunity.