The increase in the use and acceptance of mobile devices is changing the way in which managers and executives are perceiving their value. Where an in an increase in efficiencies and customer satisfaction were once the results managers hoped to see, the integration of technology is now benefiting corporate-wide objectives.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Mobile Devices for Door-To-Door Sales

  1. Reducing the sales order process time. Having customer, product, promotional, credit and communicative information at almost real time reduces the time needed to fill out paper orders, wait for approvals and ultimately waiting for the sale to go through.
  2. Employee productivity is significantly enhanced through a reduction in paperwork but also because there is an inherent productivity increase allowing more sales calls to be made. This increase in efficiency gives rise to reason # 5.
  3. Customer satisfaction is increased due to less customer time being occupied by sales person. Skilled sales person will capture this opportunity to use the newly discovered time to pitch additional products.
  4. A positive corporate image is established. The proper use of technology will lead customers to believe that your company is technologically savvy and therefore delivering a quality modern product. This perception will not only overcome some sales objections but also flow into the overall public image. Very good for investors to see.
  5. Faster growth is achieved. The ultimate goal of any Sales Force Automation (SFA) system is to increase sales. The use of handheld mobile devices in conjunction with CRM tools provides the opportunity for well organized companies to manage the time of their sales representatives more effectively. When each sale takes less time, than there is more time to make additional sales calls.

What does it really mean to Managers: More Calls = More Sales = More Revenue = Growth = Happy Stakeholders and Smiling Executives.