SFA – Going the Last Two Feet to Get the Sale

Dec 10, 2009

Stuart Smith

Stuart Smith

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“What is the point of all the millions spent on the last mile when only pennies are spent on the last two feet?”
Ty Abrahams, Mintek

Pair of Old Shoes

Cable companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars advertising to attract new subscribers or trying to get them back with the latest in digital TV, internet, and telephone options. Multi-service options for subscribers are fantastic door openers. The question is how many potential sales are lost at the point of sale due to the image a DSR has with the potential subscriber?

Imagine your Direct Sales Representative (DSR) as they approach a potential subscribers residence. 30 years of cable history has already set the image of the person knocking at the door and it is not of a polished sales professional. The great news is the second the door is open the potential subscriber has the opportunity to change their perspective. The answer is in the final two feet.

Changing the DSR’s image by adding SFA:

Adding Sales Force Automation (SFA) with mobile technology into your sales program will greatly enhance the DSR’s image by:

  • Giving the DSR a cleaner look by eliminating a clipboard type appearance and replacing it with a sharper technology persona
  • Proving the DSR with client history (if applicable) particularly past subscriptions
  • Speeding up the sales call via on-the-fly credit checks and real time no-phone-call order entry and scheduling
  • Handling subscribers questions and objections more efficiently

Knowledge plays a key role making a sale. The more information the DSR has access to the faster the sales call and the greater amount of respect is shown for the subscriber’s time. This enables word of mouth referrals because a subscribers is more likely to speak highly of the DSR and cable company if their experience has been pleasant and efficient.

It is easy to see that adding a SFA to your sales tools will have an impact on your cable company by modernizing the image of your sales force. Isn’t it time you tool the final two feet?

Stuart Smith

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