How Netflix is looking to improve Adaptive Streaming

Dec 23, 2015

Kelly Potter

Kelly Potter

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Mintek brings you the latest in EAM/CMMS systems and news in the major cable industries each week from around the globe. Learn how these new developments in EAM/CMMS and cable can affect your business or home.

EAM/CMMS in Businesses and Natural Disasters

This week’s EAM/CMMS news focuses on how the implementation of an EAM/CMMS could help prevent against business security malfunctions and the revolution of manufacturing.

  1. Sanrio Fixes Security Hole That Exposed Info of Millions of Hello Kitty Fans reported by Devin Coldewey, Sanrio, creator of Hello Kitty and other popular characters, on Tuesday said it has fixed a security vulnerability that exposed information on 3.3 million users from its fan website
  2. ‘Workshop of the World’ China Bets on a Robot Revolution by Ed Flanagan, China will soon be home to more than one-third of the world’s latest robots as the automation revolution takes root in the manufacturing powerhouse.

Cable News in Your Neighborhood

This week’s Cable updates focus on streaming expansion, pending acquisitions, and ways of improving WiFi experience for consumers.

  1. Comcast Denies ITV Takeover by Mari Silbey, The Mail reported over the weekend that Comcast, through its NBC Universal arm, is talking to the ITV broadcast network in Britain about a potential $16 billion acquisition. However, Comcast has since denied the rumor.
  2. Netflix Isn’t the Only One Rethinking ABR by Mari Silbey, Netflix is trying to improve on the idea of standard ABR. Instead of encoding videos for delivery strictly based on bandwidth availability, Netflix is working on encoding video more intelligently based on the type of video being shown.
  3. Cable Seeks Cures for WiFi’s Ills by Craig Leddy, Now, the cable industry is seeking to improve WiFi capability, according to a new Heavy Reading report, “Can Cable Deliver a High-Quality WiFi Experience?”

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Kelly Potter

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