When someone mentions the scanning of documents such as contracts, blueprints and photos into your EAM CMMS system, do you cringe thinking now you have to buy a high-end document scanner?

While it would be nice if we all had unlimited budgets, the reality is document scanning can be done very easily with just a cardboard box and an iPhone. Here is how to do it.

EAM CMMS Document Scanning

For the purposes of this demonstration I used a Scanbox, an iPhone 4 and a downloaded app called CamScanner. The purpose of the box is to provide a measured distance for image capture as well as reduce glare. The entire cost was about $20 (Scanbox and Camscanner app). The steps are as follows:

Thinking outside the box

  • Step 1: Construct the box
  • Step 2: Insert a document or asset to be scanned
  • Step 3: Place iPhone on box and scan documents with Camscanner application. Some of the features of Camscanner include:
    • Auto crop and enhance image
    • Creating multipage documents
    • Converting images to PDF
    • Setting tags
    • Upload to EAM CMMS or email documents
  • Step 4: Describe and label appropriately using CamScanner
  • Step 5: Upload to EAM CMMS

It really is this easy. Now there is no excuse to avoid the document management features in an EAM CMMS. Once loaded these same documents can be sent with work orders and viewed on a variety of devices.

Isn’t is time your operations took advantage of document management in an EAM CMMS?