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DUNEDIN, Fla .- March 16, 2004 — The luxurious Mauna Lani Resort has selected WinTrack® PM, Mintek Mobile Data Solution’s mobile property maintenance system, as its preventative maintenance solution. The resort, located on Hawaii’s tropical Kohala Coast, will use WinTrack PM to track maintenance and help preserve its most valuable equipment.

“We are excited that this prestigious resort has selected WinTrack PM. This will enable them to more easily plan, conduct and monitor preventative maintenance.”

Mark Sokol, Director of Product Marketing Mintek 

Kurt Matsumoto, general manager of the Mauna Lani Resort, says engineers at the property previously relied on a manual, paper-based system that provided no way to confirm that work was being done. Now, its engineers use handheld scanning devices that read barcodes placed on equipment. Whenever a piece of equipment is checked, its barcode is scanned and the step is recorded within WinTrack PM.

“It adds accountability to the entire preventative maintenance process. The handhelds are easy to use and our engineers like not having to complete a lot of paperwork.”

Kurt Matsumoto, GM of Mauna Lani Resort

WinTrack PM helps prevent equipment failure

Prior to implementing WinTrack PM, Matsumoto says it was assumed that a large portion of the resort’s equipment was not being checked.

“Every year, we would have unexpected equipment failures,” he says. “We just assumed we would have to spend money based on the equipment’s estimated age. We were making poor decisions. WinTrack PM is going to help prevent that from happening.”

WinTrack PM automates the preventative maintenance process and prompts each engineer to answer previously determined questions about each piece of equipment. Using WinTrack PM, engineers at the Mauna Lani Resort can generate work orders, requests for parts and build a database of historical information about each piece of equipment.

“WinTrack PM will help the Mauna Lani Resort extend the life of its valuable equipment, reduce the cost of repairs and parts, and control overtime costs related to equipment repair,” Sokol says. “By using WinTrack PM, the resort also will reduce the amount of energy wasted by inefficient equipment.”

Mintek facilitates a smooth transition

Matsumoto says WinTrack PM, which has been in place since December, was easy to get up and running. “The whole process was turn-key,” he says. “Mintek has the set-up and training process well organized.” A little more than two months after WinTrack PM’s launch at the Mauna Lani Resort, Matsumoto is confident he has the right preventative maintenance system in place. “We have better management information and can actually track our maintenance procedures,” he says. “We know that work is being done. It’s definitely helping us improve our efficiency and productivity.” Matsumoto says he expects guest satisfaction at the resort to improve because of the reduction in maintenance issues. “That is understandable,” Sokol says. “Oftentimes, a maintenance problem will reduce the likelihood of a repeat visit. Also, guests who have negative experiences will tell their friends. Fortunately, WinTrack PM reduces the likelihood of that scenario significantly.”

About the Mauna Lani Resort

The Mauna Lani Resort, located on the Kohala Coast in Hawaii, features 350 guest rooms and suites—each more than 600 square feet in size. The property also offers luxurious villas, two golf courses, first-class restaurants, a spa, beaches, turtle pond and shark pond. For more information, call (808) 885-6622, or go to

About Mintek Mobile Data Solutions

Mintek Mobile Data Solutions is the developer and maker of WinTrack® PM, a mobile property maintenance solution for lodging engineers. WinTrack PM uses barcodes for equipment identification and mobile, handheld devices for data collection. WinTrack PM, now used by more than 70 hotel properties in the United States, automates data capture for recurring maintenance, rounds, unscheduled work and room inspections. The Wintrack PM Management Portal provides managers online access to property maintenance data.

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