Keeping track of assets from beginning to end may seem easy in concept, but when you add the complexities of day to day processes as well as project management, things can get out of hand very quickly.

This is why it is important to have systems in place that can help deploy correct asset and work management so you can ensure a smooth operation at all levels of your company. In this article we will cover how asset and maintenance management software is important to the success of an organization.

The Basis of Maintenance Software

Excel used to be one of the most popular programs in work management and other specific tasks that involved record keeping. However, with new technology that is far more efficient, Excel is no longer as useful and is viewed as being more of a manual tool.

When it comes to running your company in an efficient manner, software solutions provide more benefits and are scalable to meet your organization’s needs.

Work Management Tools

The very beginning of proper work management involves knowing everything about your assets that your business has invested in. However, without understanding the entire life cycle of each of your investments, your company can easily lose money by either replacing equipment too soon, or not taking care of it in a systematic fashion.

On the other hand, understanding when and how often a specific piece of equipment needs to be serviced will ensure a smooth running company. To develop this knowledge, maintenance management needs tools that improve work management.

Having maintenance software systems in place that can help with work management such as preventive maintenance, inspections and work orders helps organizations understand where an asset is in its useful lifecycle.

With preventative maintenance software, you can schedule asset maintenance in an easy to use interface. You can decide at what time and day that you want an item serviced and even delegate which department that will need to service it.

For example, if you have an assembly line that needs servicing, you can enter this information into your maintenance software along with details of how it needs to be done and then delegate which manager will need to perform this duty.

This type of customization will allow you to easily delegate all labor intensive jobs so the organization can concentrate on its core competencies.

Another benefit of maintenance software for your assets is that it easily provides the bigger picture in one interface that can be accessed by maintenance, maintenance management and asset managers.

For example, when preventive maintenance has been performed on a specific piece of equipment, maintenance management can review the results for further action or simply check off that it has been performed for that specific period of time. This also eliminates the need for recording keeping via paper and pen thus saving extra expense that will add up over time.

Knowing Where Your Assets Are

Knowing the location of every asset in your company will help you easily keep track of your company’s assets as well as bring a control to internal theft. Below we have listed a few features that asset management software can help your organization get a better handle on the location and condition of assets:

  • Location: Software solutions that give your company the ability to list an item and give its location can help your company easily find any item in a moment’s notice. This saves your company time and empowers a manager to always be on top of the location and condition of any tool or piece of equipment.
  • Bar-Coding: Bar-coding is essential in keeping track of items and can help during the planning stages of preventative maintenance. Once all assets are bar-coded, scheduling and tracking regular maintenance is that much easier.
  • Work Order Tracking: Work management software also helps your company accurately track all work orders automatically. This way, you can see at any time which work orders are being filled and how long it takes to get to a specific work order. This will further empower your company’s processes.

Document Management

Too many companies spend an enormous amount of time searching for and/or copying documents such as PDF files, blueprints, contracts and photos. This makes having the right document management software crucial to being more efficient.

For example, many times a company will house pictures in one folder, and have their blueprints in another. Over time, this can get out of hand to where efficiency is compromised simply due to unorganized record keeping and data storage.

With EAM document management your company can keep blueprints, sensitive information, PDF files as well as all vendor receipts in one location. This information can then be easily retrieved from any location.

Having the correct document management system in place lays the foundation for a company to easily scale without having to worry about developing systems in order to organize documents. Regardless of what type of company you operate, being able to access any and all material in a moment makes running it that much easier.

Better Asset and Maintenance Management Equals a Better Bottom Line

Again, by having proper systems in place that can help manage your company in a more efficient manner, you will not only improve its profit margin due to saved time, but it makes managing a company that much easier.

All too often, company growth and profitability, regardless of the industry is interfered by problems such as lack of organization on all levels as well as a lack of overall maintenance in a company.